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Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
February 14, 2020
Release 0.31.1
February 9, 2020
Release 0.31
January 28, 2020
Roadmap Early 2020
January 13, 2020
Release 0.30.2
January 11, 2020

Version 0.21.0

Version 0.21.0

May 2, 2019

New Features

  • Inventories: All entities now have an inventory linked to Items. Items have also received a Price and Size field that is included in the tooltip preview.


  • Session: A new "keep alive" mechanic has been added where the notification counter will update every couple of minutes in case there is a new notification. Currently notifications don't happen very often, but this will keep your session alive when editing an entity for a long time, avoiding the pesky problem of users being logged out after a while of inactivity.
  • Delete Confirmation: When deleting an Entity Note, Relation, or Inventory, a confirmation will now confirm that you can to actually delete this element.
  • Maps: A new "legends" box has been added below maps. This opens up the map point on the right panel, and tries (but isn't very good) to reposition the map correctly.
  • Roles: Each new campaign will start with a new Players role. The Owner role for new campaigns will be replaced with the Admin role to keep nomenclature consistent. The Campaign Invite interface now has a small text and link to roles to make it clearer that you can add new roles.
  • Error Pages: They now contain a link to the login, register and home button.
  • FAQ: More content has been added to the FAQ based off stats from the Discord.

Bug Fixes

  • API: Character "traits" are once again saved when creating or editing a character in the API.

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