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Version 0.18.0

Version 0.18.0

February 26, 2019

With 0.18, we release some fun new features but also build the foundations for more community content. While 0.17 was concentrated on the API, this release opens up community attribute templates. The first of such templates is the "D&D 5th Edition - Monster Stat Block". This is a work in progress to confirm the validity of the feature, as well as gauging how much interest there is for these kinds of features.

New Features

  • Community Attribute Templates: When applying an attribute template to an entity, a new "Community Template" dropdown is also available. This will replace the "Attributes" page of an entity with a custom view.
  • Patreons: Default entity icons for patrons of the Goblin tier and above have been commissioned by the talented u/SaltedBiscuitTV for entities which don't have an icon associated for them.


  • Permissions: If a user can create an entity, they automatically gain the "view" and "edit" permission if they don't possess it for the whole entity type. This means that you can allow your users to create Journals without having to give them view and edit permissions. These permissions can still be retracted in the entity's permission settings.
  • Nested Views: A new "Nested View by Default" option has been added to the Profile > Layout page. This replaces the sidebar links to the nested views.
  • Journals: Added a "location" field for journals.
  • Menu Links: Clicking on a menu link will reset any other filter that is currently active on a list.
  • Filters: Added the option to filter on exact matches. For example, if you wish to see all Characters that are exactly 4 years old, type "4!" in the age filter.
  • Attributes: Added the "Text" attribute type for multiline texts.
  • Mobile UI: Improved the UI on mobile (dashboard and list elements).
  • Campaigns: The "Locale" field for public campaigns can now be set to empty, when not using an available language of Kanka. The form for creating and editing campaigns has also been tweaked a bit.
  • Entity Images: The Upload/Url/Preview for entity images form has been tweaked to better handle mobile devices and smaller screens.
  • FAQ: Added links to Patreon and Discord.

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard Setup: Fixed some workflow errors in the dashboard setup page.
  • Filters: "Private", "Dead" and other "yes/no" filters are no longer lost when navigating to other pages.
  • Maps: Fixed some issues with larger maps taking too long to load and causing issues.

A huge thank you to all the amazing Patrons who make these frequent updates possible thanks to their support on Patreon! As always, feel free to join us on Discord to be part of the conversation.

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