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Version 0.4.0 ALPHA

Version 0.4.0 ALPHA

Version 0.4.0 ALPHA

March 26, 2018

Spring is finally setting in and so we released this big update to celebrate! 

New Features

  • New Permission System! Owner/Member/Viewer has been replaced by a flexible permission system that campaign 'Admins' can now handle. Admins can create as many roles as they want and set out permissions as they want [17]
  • Maps: Locations can have maps added to them, and points can be set on the maps to point to other locations [20]
  • Mentions: Rich text fields (description, history) now support "@abc" tagging, and the ctrl+s key binding! [18, 45]
  • Copy: Entities now have a "Copy" button to duplicate an entity [28]


  • Various translations improvements for French [7]
  • Filtering: Added some fancy new filters on the lists [31]
  • Starter-Set: Improved the created entities on a user's first campaign. Clearly added the words "example" everywhere, and made the entities translatable [52]
  • Language saving: A user's language is now saved on automatically redirects [40]
  • Keep Tab: The open tab will automatically open when refreshing or linking a page [25]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some http assets being loaded on the login/register pages
  • Fixed some performance issues for css libraries being loaded

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