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Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
February 14, 2020
Release 0.31.1
February 9, 2020
Release 0.31
January 28, 2020
Roadmap Early 2020
January 13, 2020
Release 0.30.2
January 11, 2020

Version 0.1.5 ALPHA

Version 0.1.5 ALPHA

Version 0.1.5 ALPHA

January 6, 2018

It turns out the automatic email alerts on errors weren't working since just before christmas. This means many users were greeted with errors when creating their first campaign, but I wasn't aware of this!

Bug fixes

  • Creating the first campaign no longer generates an error for the user
  • Example entities created on the first campaign can now be interacted with.
  • Editing a character no longer adds the character's name as the location.