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Release 0.30.2

Release 0.30.2

January 11, 2020

With this first update for 2020 I'm fixing a bunch of bugs that were reported during the holidays and improving the experience for new users.


  • Onboarding: the first campaign of a user will now include a Note with some help, as well as a default campaign dashboard with said note and the recently modified entities.
  • Public Campaigns: added an indicator if the campaign is boosted.


  • Maps: SVGs uploaded from Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator should have less inconsistencies.
  • Entities: creating an entity using the "+" button next to a list will populate the list with the new entity again.
  • API: setting a tag with a new or updated entity will properly save for all entities, not just characters.
  • Bulk Permissions: changed the "User" default dropdown to "Ignore" and fixed Entity Notes permissions not being saved.
  • Copy Entity: attributes order is now kept.
  • Attributes: applying multiple attribute templates to an entity no longer breaks their order.
  • API Docs: fixed the docs for entity notes.
  • Quests: the entity can now be copied to other campaigns. This won't copy related entities.
  • D&D 5e Monster Block: Fixed damage resistances not showing, senses and languages been swapped, and a few typos.

A huge thank you to all the amazing Patrons who make these frequent updates possible thanks to their support on Patreon! As always, feel free to join us on Discord to be part of the conversation.

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