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Community Vote December 2020

November 24, 2020

Dear subscribers and Patrons,

Welcome to the last community vote of 2020! We thought we'd finish the year by offering a second chance to vote for some of the previous options that didn't make it to the app.

Entity Notes Permissions

The current entity note permission dropdown of Admin, Self, Self+Admin isn't granular enough for many users. It forces a player to create a note as Self+Admin rather than the admin being able to create it. We want to kill two birds with one stone and simply allow the same permissions on entity notes as on other entities (full list of roles + members of the campaign with allow and deny). This will require building a new, sub permission engine to handle stuff that aren't "entities" in Kanka.


We've added a few options to filters in the past, but wanted to take it one step further. We want to add some options to filter on entities that have (or don't have) Entity Files, Entity Notes, Reminders, and other related elements. We also want to add a way to save filters to be accessed quickly from the entities list, rather than always relying on quick links.


Adding an option to control the size of markers. While we are limited by the rendering engine we use for maps, I have found a workaround that can accomplish this frequent request from the community. This option would also involve adding markers directly from the "Explore" mode.

Not all of these features require the same amount of work, and I hope to implement several of them before the end of the year. As always, features that don't win the vote will go back into the backlog and eventually make it to the app or another community vote.

If you have any questions about the options, come join us on Discord!

Entity notes permissions
More options and saving filters
Map marker size

86 participants voted.

Voting lasted from November 24, 2020 GMT until December 1, 2020 GMT.

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