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Intersystem travel has been made common place by the discovery of celestine, a magical material that suffuses the universe and can be harnessed for solar sailing and more. An entire galaxy is ripe for the taking, but only for those who are willing to take the reins on fate's ship and chart the course of their own destiny. 

This campaign follows the endeavors and escapades of two player characters (PCs) within the same galaxy:

Entries relating to each characters' adventure are tagged as Celestine Dreams for Iddinai and Vento d'Oros for Oros. 

NOTE: This campaign wiki is in a constant improvement state. Many entries have been partially written or left as STUB for the sole reason that that particular element of the universe has not yet been built upon. 

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An Aasimar male with a penchant for gambling, mainly in the game of Cho Han. Oros is celestine-sensitive, allowing him to create magical effects. He carries with him the Empress Tarot Deck, a strange deck of cards that empower his magic abilities further. 


Oros is a charismatic and stylish man by many accounts. It is unknown whether these aforementioned accounts are from admirers or Oros himself. 

Oros has light stubble and dark brown eyes. Due to his aasimar heritage, he has fairly pale skin and two slits for additional eyes on either side of his face. They have been known to open only when utilizing the powers of the Empress Tarot to show eyes of kaleidoscope color. His wavy, medium length hair is naturally platinum blonde, however he tries to dye it pitch black with middling success. He prefers to wear a white, square collared shirt with a black leather jacket over, with stylish yet functional tapered pants to match. 

Oros has a large black tattoo of the T'uen-rin sigil around his right collar bone that that peeks up beyond his collar on the right side of his neck. He tends to try and hide it whenever dealing with the law and other government types. 


Innate Magic

As a result of being sensitive to the celestine found suffusing the universe, Oros is capable of cantrip-level spells and magical effects. For example, he used Thaumaturgy to create a harmless tremor and noise to distract guards on the IGF Fortuna. Oros can also produce minor healing effects intermittently. 

Divination / Tarot Magic

Although magic through celestine-sensitivity is something fairly commonplace, having a magical deck and the ability to divine the future isnt. Oros' divination-based magic is amplified when he uses the Empress Tarot as a focus. However, the drawback of this is that the end result is dictated by which card is pulled. Due to the power of the Empress Tarot, he can only perform magic this way a few times a day. Otherwise, the deck can be used to determine an omen regarding a subject as many times as there are cards in Oros' deck. 

Oros has additional skills from mastering the use of the Empress Tarot.

  • Once per day, he can spend 10 minutes scrying his deck, allowing him to somewhat control the order by which cards appear.
  • Oros can also, once per day, 'foresee' three cards that will be pulled from the deck that day.
  • Oros can reshuffle a number of spent cards back into the deck before the next dawn. 
  • Oros can discard cards to seemingly change the hand of fate, diverging events for a potentially better outcome. 

Other Abilities

Due to the inconsistency of his stronger powers, Oros prefers to use his revolver and folding sickle when possible. He has a knack for innately determining odds and probability, which combined with divination magic, leads to Oros having a pretty powerful understanding of fate. Just don't ask Oros to do your math homework. 

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Oros was found as an orphan baby in Lugo, on the planet of Ichius Minor in the Brahman System. The only thing that was with him, besides a blanket, was a small paper saying Harut. He grew up in the care of generous souls of the Peace Blossom orphan home alongside many other unfortunate children that had been abandoned in Lugo. 


Not much can be said about Oros' adolescence. A time he probably doesn't remember well, where he was in school living out of Peace Blossom. 

The T'uen-rin

As Oros was coming to the age of 18, the time where Peace Blossom would eventually set him off on his own, he realized very quickly he didn't have much of a support system. He spent several weeks homeless in Lugo trying to make ends meet to no success. One day, Oros was stumbling on the street when he saw something peculiar. A group of well-dressed individuals coming out of a club clearly wealthy, happy, and brandishing a strange mark of a horse-like creature. He would come to know them very soon as the T'uen-rin, a galactic crime syndicate and the last thing an honest man like Oros would want to get involved with. Desperate times breed unique decisions, as Oros approached them to ask how he could join. Luckily, they saw humor in his pleas, bringing him with a bag over his head to their headquarters. After some deliberation and 'evaluation' Oros would then become a servant of the T'uen-rin.

It was a tumultuous near decade working for the T'uen-rin. At the beginning, Oros would help with minor tasks like collecting on payments and making smaller deliveries. During a collection that went wrong, Oros had shocked a 'unwilling client' to death with what a mage would identify as shocking grasp. He had made himself known to the T'uen-rin, albeit accidentally, as celestine-sensitive, marking him as valuable to their workforce. Special attention was placed on Oros to be able to channel these abilities for T'uen-rin benefit, bringing him to a point where he could create effects such as light, shocking grasp, and thaumaturgy at will. His abilities helped him work well as an enforcer and support for tasks requiring more firepower, eventually leading him 

Oros' time with the T'uen-rin would be coming to an unexpected close upon a fated heist against the Quandrix College of Numeromancy on Ichius Minor around ISC 386-7. It was a job like any other, up until actually breaking into the mage college's high security vault. The room was littered with magic items of all kinds and heaping piles of credits. Sitting in the middle of the vault atop a pedestal was a black box marked with arcane and demonic sigils in a glass box. This item, known now to Oros as the Empress Tarot deck, drew him closer and closer with a supernatural force until he had it in his hands. Once he grasped it, Oros saw a vision of himself, rising through the ranks of the T'uen-rin and bringing widespread chaos and destruction as its leader with the deck in tow. He decided rather than deliver it to the T'uen-rin, he would keep the deck himself, seeing as if he left it in the college, someone else would probably come back and grab it eventually. Besides, what do the Quandrix nerds have it for anyway? His compatriots were not as understanding, causing a chase that Oros narrowly managed to escape from, forcing him to leave Ichius Minor. 

From then on, the T'uen-rin saw Oros as a deserter, and have been tailing him somewhat unsuccessfully (thus far) to return what they believe is 'rightfully theirs'. Quandrix mages in Ichius Minor also have a stake in getting the deck returned to them, and would presumably recognize the effects of the Empress Tarot as such if Oros were to use its power. 


Since deserting the T'uen-rin, Oros hasn't had a place to call home. He has wandered between planets all over the Caelum Galaxy, avoiding any conflict with his former employers and making ends meet with what little consistent income he makes through gambling. 

Fortuna Favors the Bold

Oros' luck would seem to be changing soon after boarding the IGF Fortuna. Midway through his rapidly increasing loss streak at the Cho Han table, Oros was approached by a halfling named Graves. She convinced Oros to join her, Stitches, and Koph in the stealing of several celestine rods from the ship. The team was successful in their heist and managed to escape the port authority of Khyberia unscathed. 

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As a result of his divination magic, Oros tends to be a bit overconfident. He considers himself to be a 'favored soul', meaning that things will usually go his way, plan or no plan. Oros has a soft spot for people down on their luck, that of which has led him into more trouble than he cares to admit. His alignment is Chaotic Good, meaning he has his own moral compass that may not always gel with galactic law. 

Oros tends to be bad with money, and has a crippling slight addiction to gambling. Although he has many games that he will play, Oros will always choose Cho Han first, as he believes it is the fairest game a casino can provide. 

Oros' hobbies include baking, calligraphy, drinking, painting, and writing. His birthday is ISC 359-7-3. 

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Currently, Oros has no known relatives.

During his time with the T'uen-rin, Oros developed a relationship with Former Love Interest. They have not spoken since he left with the Empress Tarot from Ichius Minor. 

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