Dashboard Star Strider

You have docked into Earth Shuttle Station 23. 'All lines to Ear- Section 3.' a bright neon light announces. You park your Oberon craft in the short-term airlock and walk down to a dirty looking ticket-office. There's no one around. You bang on the small plexi-glass window and eventually a MegaCorp Android appears and stutters at you. It should have been out of commission years ago. It has diffuculty in understanding your request for a ticket on the next shuttle, but eventually takes your credit card and utters what you will soon recognize as a traditional Earth saying. 'The`ll do nicely.' As you trudge away down the corridor, you hear the MegaCorp squeaking at you to `have a nice day`.

There are about twenty seats in the shuttle, of which only five are occupied. You are directed to your seat and given a copy of the safety procedures by a service Android, and you sit down on something sticky. The Android asks you what you will have.

Will you reply:

  • Nothing? Turn to 199.
  • A cocktail? Turn to 69.
  • Food Cubes? Turn to 203.