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Anka of the Rushing Water Tribe reveres Kyrzin, the Daelkyr prince of slime. She wanders the marshes collecting rare molds and lichens in reverence of her patron and for use in her alchemical experiments. Her potions might contain the cure for a rare disease contracted by an adventurer, or an aphrodosiac might instead infect someone with a brain-eating slime that turns them into a hollow husk and slave.

Population: House Tharashk is the pillar of this district, and humans, orcs, and half-orcs make up a significant segment of the population. Most of the expatriates and travelers from the east reside in the Calabas or at least pass through it, and most of the elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings of Graywall can be found here. Many menial jobs are held by goblins, though few live in the district.

Character: Surprisingly civilized, the Calabas is a piece of the Five Nations trapped in Droaam. Buildings reflect the styles of the Five Nations. Bright colors on the buildings and in the glass windows, with painted signs bearing names written in the Common tongue, provide a flamboyant range of shades to the area. Orc guards in Tharashk livery patrol the streets, but the more frightening monsters—trolls, harpies, medusas—are rarely seen here.

Inns: The Gold Dragon Inn; The House of the Nine; The Twilight Palace.

Taverns: The Cracked Keg; The Merry Marcher.

Supplies: The Goblin Market; Vorgath’s.

Dragonmarked Services: Ghallanda; Jorasco; Kundarak; Orien; Phiarlan; Sivis; Tharashk.

Temples: The House of the Nine (Sovereign Host)

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