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Kanka will be moving to new servers on Monday the 6th of July 2020. We expect the website to be unavailable from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM UTC while we move to the new servers. Updates will be posted on our Discord.

The World of Eberron, adapted from the canon material and progressed by my campaigns. Also includes the rules for my homebrew system "Dragon Tactics", which is a heavily modified version of D&D 4e.

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1 day ago Church of the Silver Flame

Of all the varied faiths of Eberron, the Silver Flame stands apart. The Purified, as followers of the faith call themselves, worship a divine entity of nonmortal origin, unlike the elves of Aerenal or the cultists of Rhashaak. Still, their god claims no dominion over the world, nor that it has existed since the Dragons formed that world, unlike the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six. The Silver Flame is a god with a purpose, and only those of equal principle are drawn to serve.

The priests and champions of the Silver Flame have battled the forces of darkness for hundreds of years. A relatively young religion, the Church of the Silver Flame has found staunch support across Khorvaire, especially in the nation of Thrane. Its followers wage a never-ending struggle against evil, fighting demons, devils, and all manner of monsters. Corruption within the church itself, however, continues to be the organization’s most relentless foe.

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Church of the Silver Flame
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