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Openly, Oargev praises the kindness of Breland and promises to be a good guest. Inwardly, three desires drive him. He wants to discover what really happened to his country. He wants to gain vengeance against those responsible. And he wants to rebuild his fallen nation, either in its original location or somewhere else if necessary. He has made an oath on the Mournland, his once-beautiful home that is now the grave of his ancestors, to make all three of these desires a reality.

Lately, Prince Oargev has decided on a new course of action. He plans to rebuild his nation in eastern Breland, deciding that he will claim all the land east of Dragon’s Crown when the time is right and the majority of the Cyran refugees have found their way to his side. The Brelish Parliament, not sure it wants twenty thousand refugees gathered within the country’s borders, has introduced legislation to limit the number of Cyrans that can settle in New Cyre. Oargev has opposed this legislation, and the decree is currently held up in debate and waiting for a vote. The king-in-exile has no intention of adhering to the decree even if it passes the vote and becomes law. “These Brelish laws are fit for the Brelish,” Oargev has told his closest aides, “but they have no authority over the sons and daughters of Cyre.”

The modern city of Xandrar, built on the eastern bank of the Silver River where the waters of Silver Lake pour into Lake Galifar, takes its name from the much older Dhakaani city of Xandrar, whose ruins occupy the western riverbank and several miles of the lakeshore. The thriving city is Breland’s gateway for trade with the Eldeen Reaches, and small barges ply the lake, providing ties to Aundair as well. Since Eldeen and Aundair were openly at war for most of the last century, Xandrar became a key link for what little trade the two nations could not avoid.

Mayor Garrit Tomraan (NG male gnome) governs the city, but the Countess Yassiv ir’Oeskai (CG female human) provides the city watch and administers the surrounding lands. The countess spends most of her time at her mansion within the city rather than at Drum Keep, the primary garrison of her holdings. She and Garrit hold wildly different opinions on the “Swords of Liberty problem” that has infested the region in recent months, but generally manage to work together to keep the city from being burned to the ground.

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