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"It was only a matter of time before the golden city drew the attention of the bloodthirsty orcs. The orc kingdoms were insatiable for gold, blood, and power, and they thought the early Sentrans would be an easy target. Their vicious armies learned soon enough to fear the brave Sentran warriors that stood between them and the imperial people."

— Herodius, early Sentran historian

"The conqueror has the privilege to write history as they see fit."

— Orc proverb



When the early Sentran Empire began its expansion, it was the nearby the Orc kingdoms that were the first to fall. Human historians described them as savages, brutes, and violent man eaters, but their descriptions were false. The orcs had a sophisticated (one could say overly complicated) bureaucracy and shared a fondness for beautiful works of art and architecture.

The Orc kingdoms were governed by a magocracy, and it was the power of their sorcerers that spurned the Sentran Empire to action against the orcs. Today, nothing remains of these kingdoms. Their cities were conquered, then either colonized by humans or left as ruins.

Today there is still a stigma associated with the orcs. They are a civilized and erudite people, but there are centuries of tales that call them savage raiders and there are tales of their Blood Magic. A lot of their written lore was lost to the flames of Sentran armies. Additionally, their physical appearance lends to the idea of them being brutish. Orcs can be found across the continent trying to counter this image.

Special Abilities

  • Erudite: Orc culture prizes knowledge, and most have some sort of uncommon knowledge.  Academics becomes a Core Skill.
  • Outsider: Most races distrust orcs for some reason. Orcs subtract 2 from Persuasion rolls with all but others of their kind.
  • Immune to Poison: Orcs' hardy consitution makes them immune to poisons.
  • Size +1: Orcs are larger than humans. Their maximum Strength is d12+1 and they have a +1 Toughness.


Orc art by Hugh Pindur. Background art by Levi Hopkins. Modifications by the author.

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