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The clerics of Kolrehs, known as Kolrehsans, are widely respected by common people. They often admire the Kolrehsans for their strength, athleticism, and competitive spirit. His clerics tend to be outgoing, enthusiastic, and personable. At the same time, clerics of other religions have little respect for Kolrehs' followers. They look at the Kolrehsans clerics as pretenders or amateurs. In their view, Kolrehs' “religion” is nothing more than a collection of athletes and old warriors with no clerical training, no perceivable liturgical trappings, and no formal structure.

This is because although there is a formal church of Kolrehs, it is widely divergent, unorganized, with little interaction or communication between one church and the next. There exists no controlling hierarchy or “father church” for Kolrehs' clergy. Each temple is independent, operated by one or more priests and a number of acolytes.

But the Kolrehsans care nothing for the opinions of other religions. These other priests are often surprised to learn that Kolrehsan clerics enjoy challenges and honor duels (usually to first blood). This is not to say Kolrehsan clerics attack every insolent fool, but they enjoy providing free object lessons to those in need of learning.

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