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The Keepers are priests and priestess of Lotrad, goddess of death.  They wage a constant struggle to educate people about the goddess, proclaiming that she is a friend to mortals. She brings cessation of pain and suffering, grants peace to those ravaged by age, and makes room for the birth of new souls. Lotrad is an extension of nature, a part of the cycle of life and death. In this way, she is no more evil than a bolt of lightning or rainstorm. She claims the souls of the dead because that is her role, not because it brings her any pleasure or glee. 

Not surprisingly, even the clerics of Lotrad are shrouded in folktales and rumor. Many people look upon these priests as bad luck. At the same time, when a friend or family member passes away, people call upon these priests without hesitation. When it comes to the realm of the dead, there is no one else to call upon.

The majority of Lotrad's clerics remain part of a specific congregation and temple, usually as part of a community. From the moment the cleric recites his vows to the moment of his death, he cares for the spiritual well-being and death needs of his congregation. He oversees funerals, assists with proper burial traditions (which vary depending on the race and culture in question, such as burial or cremation), and comforts the living. The Keepers also work to educate people about the meaning of death and its role in the mortal existence. They teach that death is a natural event, not something to be feared. They also teach about death's inevitability, and the importance of preparing for your demise properly.

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