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Priests of Aldar, called Aldarites, are often educators, especially in the Sentran Empire. They build schools, museums, and other civic structures to showcase the accomplishments of knowledge and civilization. Although not as strict as the Vigilants, Aldarite priests are expected to uphold and observe the local laws, because what is civilization without such laws?

Aldarite priests are often logical, educated, but not always passionate. When a cleric of Aldar travels, he is expected to do whatever feasible to reclaim a book, scroll, or other work he encounters. Such works are sent to the nearest temple for cataloging and protection.

The main text of Aldarites is known as the Codex. It is a massive, highly structured text that is constantly updated to keep pace with new customs, traditions, and technology. It is not exactly a holy book, but is canonical in that it contains wisdom distilled from Aldar by describing the technology and traditions of civilization. Another holy text is known as the Citizen's Primer. This book is small in size, lightweight, durable, without any fancy illustrations or embellishments. Traveling Aldarites often carry this edition of the book wherever they go. Laypersons are encouraged to read (or learn to recite if they cannot read) from the Citizen's Primer.

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