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Ren was on patrol in the Warrens when he was approached by Braelyn. She had heard of him and some of the things he's done in the neighborhood, and was looking for help. She complained she couldn't find her wizard friend and didn't trust "the Viggies." She wasn't sure if Ren could help or not, but didn't have any other options before Shan found out something was amiss.

Braelyn told Ren that her friend Thea had been murdered. Braelyn knows well that murders all the time, but this was not natural. Ren agreed to help, so Braelyn led him to the Soft Blooms where Thea worked as a prostitute. Braelyn wanted Ren to know that Thea always wanted to do something greater with herself, and wasn't like the other girls there that drank and took wondercaps and other things. Ren talked to the owner of the place, a dwarven woman named Dimora, and her brother Graldrus. Thea was last seen with a new guest, a man with dark hair, a bushy moustache, and a green cloak. According to Graldrus, the man drank a lot of their cheap whiskey, about four to five glasses. The stranger almost started a bar fight when he spilled the drink of one of the regulars, a man named Emlyn. The stranger smoothed things over by buying Emlyn a new drink.

Upstairs, Ren inspected Thea's room and then the body. He took copious notes of the arcane circle surrounding the body, and noted that the script was orcish, even though he could not read it. Thea's arms were cut from inside elbow to wrist, and there was a lot of blood on the floor. But in Ren's experience, there was not as much blood as would be expected.  There was more blood on the left side of the body.

In the room, Ren noticed a wooden tankard that still had a bit of whiskey in it. There was also a tea cup and tea pot which belonged to Thea. The pot contained the black tea that humans tend to like drinking, but in the bottom of the cup were small pieces of a red plant that was not in pot. Ren took some of them with him. Ren found a second tankard under the bed, which Dimora said belonged to Emlyn.

Ren talked to Ramineh, an orcish woman at the Soft Blooms. Ramineh says that Emlyn is a particular and likes doing the same things: drinking from the same cup, sitting at the same table and chair, and even the same nightly activities. Ramineh says that Emlyn left about 45 minutes after they had come upstairs.

Going back downstairs, Ren talked to the caithan bouncer Mamsharr, who confirmed the argument between the stranger and Emlyn, and when Emlyn left the building. Bearwalker, the Nezumi cook, said he saw Emlyn leaving later. It was sometime after one in the morning, when the brothel closed.  Both Mamsharr and Bearwalker confirmed they saw Emlyn, and that we was wearing the same outfit.

They described Emlyn as a human with short, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He stands about 5'10" and looks like he had a broken nose once. They don't know much about him, preferring discretion, but know he works at a tannery and owns a work pass that lets him travel to and from the Warrens.

When Ren asked if anyone knew where he could find information about the red leaves, Braelyn recommended he visit The Solari in Oldkeep because she heard that there was someone there who was skilled in medicine and potions.

Continued in Session 8: Coincidental Meetings.

Player Notes

Ren's Notes:

Asked father about the markings in the circle.  I figured they were arcane, even if orcish and he wouldn't know them.  He did.  They mean death.  I talked with him and mom about the case.  I'm sure they'll tell Granny and come up with something to tell Granpa.  Don't know if they'll say anything to Great Gran when she gets here.  Maybe talk with Karl, but he probably won't want to.  I don't think I'll get any sleep.  I have so few clues and so many questions.  How can I get justice for Thea?


Art by flaviobolla.

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