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Kennick is the leader of a group of Solari that he calls his flock.  He and his fellow cult members were first encountered outside the Gilded Stage protesting the upcoming play "The Sacrifice of Solarian." He feels that the play does not accurately represent Solarian, and that proceeds from the play should be given to charitable causes.

He also can be found in the Oldkeep neighborhood, where he and his followers work out of an abandoned open market and distribute food, water, medicine, and other supplies to the needy of the neighborhood.

The Caithan Thesserram is one of his devotees.

Kennick was once an Eye of Fate, a priest of Lakasis.  He received visions for others, giving advice to nobles, politicians, and businessmen.  But after the death of Solarian, he had a vision about himself.  Since then, he left the Lakasis priesthood, and became one of the Solari.


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