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Sana is the daughter of the apothecarist Amaiur.  She is a member of The Solari, which her father does not seem to approve of.  She has been spending more time with the Solari lately at the Giving Hands, where she uses her medical skills to help out the poor citizens of the Oldkeep neighborhood.  She's brought supplies and medicine from her father's apothecary to help.

Kennick, the leader of the local Solari, confirmed that she has what he calls a "divine gift." She has the unnatural ability to enhance medicines to heal others.  It's believed that she may have also used this to increase the potency of acid.  And she is believed to have murdered Kappa Adolus, actor of the Gilded Stage, by using enhanced Arrow's Point mushrooms to poison his wine.

The Hammerfall have an interest in Sana for unknown reasons.


Art by the author using Midjourney.

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