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Lotrad is the goddess of death and travel. She and her true followers, known as Keepers, are not destructive or evil, but only seek to help the dying peacefully enter the afterlife. But like death, Lotrad sometimes seems vindictive or unpredictable, while at other times she seems merciful or even gentle.

Few mortal creatures view death as something cheerful or welcome. Despite this, virtually every person understands the inevitability of death, and its crucial part of the life cycle. As a result, the typical response to the Goddess of Death is a curious blend of fear, suspicion, reluctance, and acceptance. There is no escape from her clutches in the end.

Above all, Lotrad abhors the undead. To her eyes, they are an afront to the natural order that she has placed. Although many Keepers stay within a specific congregation, there are those that are dedicated to hunting down and destroying undead.

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