A cataclysmic event shattered the boundaries between dimensions and thrown the multiverse into chaos. The separation between realities is fading, and in many places passages between dimensions, timelines and worlds are opening. This brings chaos, strife and sometimes opportunities to many worlds. You are caught in the Everwhere, travelling worlds, and trying to find the source of this change - or perhaps just a way home. ...

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A skilled bounty hunter proficient in all types of martial arts and weapons, Caladin is almost always on the front line in battle. However, he longs to see his wife and son, who unfortunately left him before his world was destroyed and merged into the multiverse. He wants to reconcile with his wife and apologize for their broken past.

Upcoming Adventures

A cataclysmic event has shattered the boundaries between dimensions and thrown the multiverse into chaos. Through fate or coincidence you find yourself at a place in your dimension where the boundary is breached. The Beast – an interdimensional ship – makes its passing. Being sucked into the maelstrom you must navigate the Belly of the Beast to arrive in a safe harbour or else get stranded in the Neverwhere.

The Belly of the Beast is the kick off adventure for the community game.

It will be run on Foundry VTT and Discord for Voice and Video and span two session.

If you do not have a passport yet and want to participate with a premade character I'm happy to provide one.

Characters can be created with the Savage World Core Book(Deluxe) and any fitting companions books that are not tied to a certain setting(Deadlands etc.).

There are no restrictions on settings your character might come from. A sci-fi smuggler will fit in as well as a fantasy barbarian. If you have any special powers, holy or arcane magic, psionics, I can help you with ideas how to implement them in Savage World if necessary.

The Character start with 10 Experience points, means 2 advances may be bought.

Please send me the link to the passport and the finished Savage World character with a reference which books were used.