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If you are seeing this message it is because you have come onto the premises without a security ID or other form of identification to sign in. If this is in error, please find and present your badge. Otherwise, please proceed to the nearest Security booth as soon as possible. If it is impossible, for any reason, to go to the nearest Security booth then simply stand and wave your arms until one will come to you. Inform them of the reason you could not approach them (be it duress, under the effect of an ENO, NNO, or other outside force, or any sort of physical debilitation), and cooperate with them.

If you are found to not have permission to be on site you will be asked to leave.

Have a nice day, and welcome to the Department of Natural Mysteries.



To be stored in a grounded container, not powered unless it is presently undergoing testing. Otherwise it is marked as non-harmful and no further measures are considered necessary.


Seemingly a normal 60-watt lightbulb under most circumstances, however anyone under its light perceives their own hands to be filthy no matter how vigorously or frequently they wash and they are compelled to clean them.

Discovered in the offices of Director Namura. When he was late for a meeting, his assistant found him in the bathroom scrubbing his hands raw. When brought out of the bathroom he seemed confused and disoriented at first. As he came to he remarked with surprise that his hands were clean.

Investigation quickly led to the discovery of the lightbulb. Multiple staff reported their hands seemed dirty in the private bathroom, and many were found trying to aggressively clean their hands. The janitorial staff was investigated, but found innocent of any wrongdoing and seemed extremely embarrassed. All lightbulbs from the same pack were tracked down and tested but none came up positive as either an ENO or NNO.

The lightbulb seems to have the same effect no matter where it is used. If under the effect of the light and another brighter light - of 1200 lumens or higher - from a different source it seems it is overwhelmed. This seems to indicate the ability is in tandem with the light, rather than a mental effect.

The discovery of the bulb spawned a few additional policies or amendments but they shot down by the director himself, claiming: “It would be stupid to impose a time-waster for each and every strange occurrence.” He did, however, rely heavily on his assistant for a week while his hands recovered.

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