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After rescuing the teenage Corinna from the horde of Goatlings, the party went into The Mossy Temple It was tough going, with Aella, The Whirlwind almost eaten by an acidic slime and Euryale sassing some Gygan Gargoyles but they finally made their way into Demetria's lair.

Rescuing the kidnapped teenagers and children (for the most part) and uncovering the foul rituals Demetria was performing they barged into her dining room where combat quickly ensued. The Heroes of Thylea were able to stop some of the young girls eating human flesh but one did and turned into a fearsome and twisted Manead.

Combat was brutal, with Rekken swooping in and grabbing the horn before much was said. Praxos grabbed the horn, gulped down an amount and was instantly knocked out. It seems the potent wine deemed showing the prophetic dreams as a priority. Selene was able to wake him quickly, however, and the fight ensued. Tryntia ran over the incapacitated Gygan, climbed on a chair, leapt on the table and finally struck Demetria. Demetria was, unfortunately, able to escape by filling the room with spores and entering the summoned vines. The Gygan put up a huge fight but was finally felled.

The party found:

  • A magical wand (unidentified)
  • Euryale's spellbook
  • A spellbook wrapped in human skin (unidentified)
  • A magical pot (unidentified)
  • A ring with the sigil of Praxos's lost, family.
  • A broken dragonlord shield

Aella, The Whirlwind destroyed the statue of Sydon and Praxos crafted an image of Yklezion on a bronze shield using the acid from the creature that almost ate Aella, The Whirlwind.

On their first day back the party encountered a bizarre sight.

A pair of enormous stone forearms reaching out of the ground next to the path that you are following. The statues are completely still, frozen in a gesture that appears to be grasping at the sky. Although the stonework appears to be finely carved, there are no other signs of civilization or any man-made structures anywhere in the vicinity.


Surprisingly, the second day was much much worse.

Dark clouds and thunder roll across the sky. You spot a flash of silver in the clouds. At first, you mistake it for lightning, but it slowly resolves into a magnificent silver dragon. A blue-cloaked figure sits astride the dragon as it circles overhead. The figure speaks:

"Give up your quest and prostrate yourselves before the power of Sydon.”

His voice abruptly changes to something far deeper and inhuman,

“You meddle with forces beyond your comprehension.” 

The shining jewel of the steppes, this village has grown remarkably in the last five years. Under Eurytus's guidance it has become the only true settlement in The Greater Steppes. A small but growing number of the Centaur tribes have come under The Banner of Peace and has started to attract individuals seeking refuge from the mortal’s discrimination.


My dragon has abandoned me. She had not the courage nor the fortitude to do what must be done to secure these lands for the future of the civilized peoples of Thylea. Her cowardice will be forever remembered in the histories that we record. But it matters not. I don't need her anymore for now I have the Ultros. Now that the mainland is secure this mighty vessel will be the instrument from which I bring death and defeat to the savages that dwell on the islands of the Cerulean Gulf and the Forgotten Sea. I will be remembered as the greatest of all the Dragonlords. Greater than the simpering fool Xander. Greater than even my brother the king. Soon even the Titans will tremble at the mention of my name. I will live forever…

I have gathered a group of the greatest fighters, sailors, and warriors Thylea has ever seen. I have made them my Thanes and they will crew this great vessel. 200 of the deadliest men and women this land has known will set sail on the morrow and the islands will be bathed in the blood of our enemies. Glory and immortality await! We have been at sea for ten days. The impotent mad Titan of the Sea, Sydon has thrown everything against us and still the Ultros sails on. He has smashed us with 100-foot-tall waves and tried to drag us to the bottom of the sea with whirl pools. He has assaulted us with hurricanes and cyclones yet still we move towards our destiny. I would pay any price to see the look on his face as our ship continues to sail past all obstacles he places before us. Surely, he must know fear now that he knows nothing can stop me.

The Gygan Stronghold on the Island of Yonder has been put to the sword and cleansed with flame. The strength of the Gygans is forever broken. Indeed, if any gygan still draws breath in all Thylea they must know that their race is ended. And they must know that it was I, Estor Arkelander that was the architect of their doom. I can still hear the screaming of their children and the lamentation of their woman as we drove them before us. But being an island, they had nowhere to flee. Even now my men celebrate their mighty victory while their blood dries on our blades. This is what it means to be alive! Tomorrow we begin the utter destruction of all temples and shrines to Sydon on this cursed island. I hope every idol we smash to dust is like a knife in his eye.


It's not enough! The infestation is too deep. I could live 5 lifetimes and not have enough time to rid this land of the filth that inhabits it. There are too many islands. Too many hidden and secret places for them to cower in. I once thought to become immortal by deeds. To be remembered forever as the mightiest warrior in all the world. But now I see that for me to carry out my mission I must find a way to have more time. I have learned things. Things that no mortal has known. In my dreams this knowledge has come to me. I know there is a way for a mortal to become like a god. I will find it. For whom could possibly stand in my way.

Finally, she has revealed herself to me. She comes to me in my dreams. Lutheria, Mistress of Death. She begs me to spare her children! The goddess begs me! A man! The Titans see it now. They see that I cannot be stopped. She says she has an offer for me. Something that only she can give me that I desperately wont. It is obviously a trap but what can she possibly do? She is powerless while I am aboard this vessel. Not even her brother's power could touch the Ultros. Even the Goddess of Death cannot harm me here. This is what I've been waiting for! Eternity is finally within my grasp. Lutheria came to me on her hands and knees, naked and weeping. Beautiful and terrible. I have power over Death herself! She offered this oath: If I swear to end the massacres against her children, she will give my crew and I eternal life by ritual magic. The ritual itself is simple but bloody. My men will understand once they have life everlasting at my side. Tomorrow a new god is born, Estor, God of Thylea.

The river cascades over a sheer cliff and roars into a vast, semi-circular lake, throwing up a white mist. The Great Falls are almost beyond description. It’s as if an entire ocean has spilled over the edge of the world. The sound of rushing water is almost deafening, and the light of the fading day gleams across the water like red gold. Four massive statues of stone hands surround the lake. To the south, the river snakes down from the mountains, through the The Oldwoods, while the snowcapped Mithral Mountains  dominate the western horizon.

Grassland stretches across the horizon as far as you can see. The sun shines down from a perfect, cloudless blue sky. A refreshing breeze blows across your skin and through the waves of green grass. The picturesque serenity of this vast, rolling landscape is at odds with the dangers that lurk in this untamed wilderness.

The lands north of The City of Estoria and across the Arkelon River are too dangerous for travel. Bands of Centaurs patrol the grasslands just a few miles away from Estoria. There have been sightings of Cyclops's aswell.

However, if one knows where to look, a village can be found named Versillia. It is said to welcome all comers.

Mytros, called by some the ‘Silver Queen’ is the most benevolent of the Five Gods and the patron goddess of the most important kingdom in Thylea. She is widely credited with the survival of the city during the destruction and aftermath of the First War, and she is said to appear to her priests as a warrior queen clad in shimmering golden armor. Having ascended to the heavens after a cataclysmic battle with Sydonand Lutheria, she no longer walks among mortals. She is the most powerful of the Five Gods, and the source of most priestly magic in Thylea.


Her symbol is Silver dragon with golden eyes.


Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score to Mytros when you expand the god’s influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

  • Defending a city from a major threat

  • Defeating a tyrant who threatens a city’s freedom

  • Creating a masterwork, such as a building or a poem

Your piety score to Mytros decreases if you diminish Mytros’ influence in the world, contradict her ideals, or let her down through acts such as these:

  • Betraying one’s trust to commit acts of corruption or tyranny

  • Destroying a civic institution or sowing chaos within a city

  • Willfully breaking just laws for personal gain


Piety Needed

Mytros' Devotee
Piety 3+ 
Mytros' Votary
Piety 10+ 
Mytros' Disciple
Piety 25+ 
Champion of the Polis
Piety 50+ 

Raspytrion was a Copper Dragon, Oathsworn of Adonis Neurdagon.

Not much is known about Volkan except that he is the husband of Mytros. He concerns himself with artifice and crafting and is primarily worshipped by smiths and wizards. He is depicted as an elderly and wise-looking man. He is rumoured to travel through the Heartlands on the winter solstice, distributing toys and sweets to children.



His symbol is a silver anvil wreathed in blue flame


Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score to Volkan when you expand the god’s influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

  • Fighting against those who would rule over others

  • Taking decisive action on impulse

  • Destroying something that has outlived its usefulness

  • Creating something wondrous in Volkan’s name

Your piety score to Volkan decreases if you diminish Volkan’s influence in the world, work against freedom or self-expression, or allow tyranny to take hold through acts such as these:

  • Following an unjust law despite your misgivings

  • Creating something shoddy or flawed

  • Backing down from a fight or a contest


Piety Needed


Piety 3+ 


Piety 10+ 


Piety 25+ 

Champion of The Forge

Piety 50+ 

Caliadne is a spirit of water that used to reside in one of the rivers close to The Necropolis of Telamok. She responded to Aella, The Whirlwind prayers and formed into the shape of a horse made of water. She has been accompanying Aella ever since.

An incapacitated creature can’t take actions or reactions.

"That black patch of sky ... don't stare at it for too long.

There was once a beautiful wheel of stars there, but they were swallowed by the ravening mouth of the Dreamer.  You can see her just below, cresting the horizon.  She sleepwalks through all the sky, harvesting the other stars one by one, in preparation for the Great Feast at the end of time.

There have always been two kinds of sailors in Thylea.  Some who grow old and wise, and some who sail towards the Dreamer.  I would not advise going that way, unless we have no other choice."

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