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Bards who study the College of Epic Poetry are devoted to the creation of a singular masterpiece in the tradition of the epic poets. Selene is no different. She has learned to transcribe events faithfully, even in the chaos of battle. You must be able to see or hear the event happen.

  • Comedy ------>  Someone rolls a natural 1 on an attack or saving throw.
  • Hubris --------> Someone rolls a natural 20 on an attack or saving throw.
  • Irony  --------->  Someone fails a saving throw after adding a Bardic Inspiration die.
  • Tragedy------> Someone is reduced to zero hit points by an enemy.
  • Epic  ---------->  Any exciting event that seems to warrant inclusion in your poem is eligible as long as the GM approves — but don’t push it. 

Each time you compose a new epic verse, you must declare that you are doing so. If the GM approves, then you may add 1 verse to your poem. Your poem increases in rank as the number of verses grows.




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