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The old Titans smile on you as always my friend. I don’t know what you did apparently Baenor and his lot are heading northwards. Message on the grapevine is that this is a significant blow to his influence, many clans feel frustrated.

But I find this quite odd, they still stick with him. Even ole Agrius of the Thessally clan and he was never one to obey another. I think there is something behind it, Baenor must have something on the clans. I think I will be taking a look and see what I can uncover. Worry not, Versilia lies safe. As for Corrina, that is truly music to this Satyr’s ears. That girl has an amazing future ahead of her...Ehh I’ll tell you the details when you return. As for that, do you know when that will be?

From what I understand it will be a while. Eurytus I ran away from responsibility and you’ve landed me with managing a whole city. Worry not though, I have this.

Your friend,
Castor Catsakis

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