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This temple is the primary place of worship for Sydon in all of Thylea. The temple itself is a peripteros with 48 columns. It is built on a high podium that is accessed by an imposing set of steps shaped like ocean waves.

A stair at the center of the temple leads to several underground chambers where the paladins of Sydon meet to discuss the Order's many plans.

The Order of Sydon are headquartered here. They are a band of zealots who revere the ocean god Sydon above all others. They seek to the end all worship of  the Five.

During the day, the temple is filled with citizens who come to hear the teachings of Sydon or receive blessings from the priests. During these busy periods, at least three priests of Sydon with six captains as protectors can be found within. At night, the temple proper is quiet, although the underground chambers are occupied by priests and soldiers.

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