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Child of the Moon
by Keedin Scalesinger

A child born of lunar fair,

Choirs of joy first filled the air,

Years of light brought to the Prime,

Praised by the Morninglord for his time.

The loneliness of eternal life,

Heart grew heavy with this strife,

Soothed by her light,

Love had taken flight.

Singing songs of their tomorrow,

Until dawn would follow.

She was his chosen one,

A child of the Sun.

Then one night her eyes grew dark,

And with its hold, lost their spark.

He grieved in anger, towards the shade,

And fought the night with flame and blade.

He dove to take the shadow on,

To free his love, believed foregone,

His heart not caring at what cost,

Thus into darkness he was lost.

The moon eternal wept that night,

For her child had passed from sight,

There was another piece remaining still,

For the void he left, none could fill.

(Special thanks to Constantine for help with improving the text)

(Special thanks to Constantine for his help with the writing)

Created by Kath Caly 1 year ago. Last modified by Kath Caly 12 hours ago

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