Welcome to the Hawthorne Guild's Kanka!

This Kanka is for the Hawthorne Guild, a 5e D&D server that is based out of Discord.

The Hawthorne Guild exists in a shared living world set in the Forgotten Realms which evolves alongside the Player Characters' adventures.

For the existing members who wish to obtain permissions to create and edit entries on the Kanka, please message one of the Admins of the discord server.

For those who aren't already members and wish to begin adventuring with the Hawthorne Guild, here's the relevant information:

[Discord Server] (https://discord.gg/GR5x4YK)

[Server Information:] (https://i.imgur.com/FpcRWRf.jpg)

[Basic Player Guidelines] (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CPenlXy0FUnDTRIKxgMuRD8U8lbD3E3Q)

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"In most histories, the stories of those immediately preceding us are but a footnote, especially given the proximity to immediacy. When those who come look back upon this age, they may see simply the culmination of a bygone era. But for us? We live on the precipice where change has come, and I count myself fortunate to travel and witness a transition of the world we were to something greater." - Opening from "Sails and Shores", Famed Travelogue of Joan the Balduran

Welcome to the Hawthorne Guild Kanka!

You'll probably want to get started by adding some entities of your own, so chose a category from the left and get started. You can disable unneeded categories of entity from the campaign settings, this will hide them from the menu.

A few tips to get you started:
- You can type @entityName to link to specific entities. The displayed link text will automatically update if you rename or update the linked entity.
- You can configure account specific settings like themes and entities per page in your profile, accessible on the top right.
- You can set permissions on whole entity types as well as individually on each entity.
- There is a growing list of tutorials on Youtube. Tutorials include attributes and how to share your campaign with other people. The FAQ may also be useful.

Last but not least:
- Have a look at Public Campaigns for inspiration on how others use Kanka.
- If you have questions, suggestions or just want to chat, join us on Discord.
- Loving the app and want to support it's growth? Consider supporting Kanka through Subscriptions.

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