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At the edge of the new millennium[....] This world should not be still standing as a result of its tumultuous existence—yet it still does. Somewhere. (Vargas. 1999 CS. p. 356)The Antiquarian's Elaris refers to a collection of several campaigns that all follow a singular canon based in Elaris, an originally created setting that uses elements from the lore of Dungeons & Dragons and other affiliated texts. While some stories have strayed using other tabletop gaming systems, the "mainline" series of events in the world, thus far, have used D&D 5E as their foundational system for play. They are as follows: The Shadow of an EmpireThe continent of Votum was engulfed in the flames of war, leading to the fall of a great empire and the slim aversion of a worldwide hellborne catastrophe. The Heart of the Ocean ...

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