Evil stirs on the continent of Eressea. Can the ragtag adventuring group Klun'Ragthroknaar change the course of history?

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The continent of Eressea is a continent that straddles the equator and currently is split up into the following nations:

The Nordmark is an area in northern Eressea controlled mostly by the Valorian Empire and the orcs.

Kirkwall is a major city in Valoria. Its primary industry is whaling and the production of whale oil. The city is dark, dingy, and covered in grime from the smoke stacks powering the whale oil refeneries. In recent years, Kirkwall has become the de facto capital of all the mining going on in the Nordmark. Traders come to Kirkwall to purchase gold, silver, and other precious metals. 



The Office of Orc Affairs is run by Lanarius Tethras. He seems to genuinely concerned about the Orcs, and about the impact illegal settlers and prospectors are having on the tribes.




Notable Places

Notable People

Background and beginning

As of the year 1232 there have been 56 Valorian Emperors. In 613 the Senatorial wizard,Caburus, destroyed the Senate building in Valoria killing most of the senators in the process. Caburus declared himself Emperor of Valoria. The following year, some of the remaining senators along with some of the military commanders conspired to depose Caburus. Their plan succeeded and they killed Caburus. After the assassination of Caburus, Valoria was torn apart by civil war as various factions wrestled for power. There were factions on both sides, pro-senate and pro-emperor, but it was Commodus Valerius and his loyal legions who finally emerged victorious. He declared himself Emperor, and vowed to institute a series of laws that would protect the citizens of the Empire. He is generally considered to be the first official Emperor.


The supreme power of the state is vested in the emperor, whose position gave the following powers:

Chief Executive

Beyond his religious authority, the king was invested with the supreme military, executive, and judicial authority through the use of imperium. The imperium of the Emperor was held for life and protected him from ever being brought to trial for his actions. As being the sole owner of imperium, the emperor possessed ultimate executive power and unchecked military authority as the commander-in-chief of all Valoria's legions. His executive power and his sole imperium allowed him to issue decrees with the force of law. Another power of the Emperor was the power to either appoint or nominate all officials to offices of the state.

Chief Judge

The emperor's imperium grants him both military powers as well as qualifies him to pronounce legal judgment in all cases as the chief justice of Valoria. Although he can assign someone to act as minor judges in some cases, he has supreme authority in all cases brought before him, both civil and criminal. This makes the emperor supreme in times of both war and peace. While there is no official appeal from the emperor's decisions, historically a proposal for appeal could be brought before the emperor by any noble during a meeting of the Crimson Assembly.

To assist the king, the Emperor's Council advised the king during all trials, but this council had no power to control the king's decisions. 

Chief Legislator

The Lord's Assembly has very little power and authority; they are not an independent body in that they do not possess the right to meet together and discuss questions of state. They can only be called together by the emperor and can only discuss the matters the emperor lays before them. While the Lord's Assembly does have the power to pass laws that had been submitted by the emperor, the Assembly is effectively an honorable council. It can advise the emperor on his action but, by no means, could it prevent him from acting. The only thing that the emperor could not do without the approval of the Lord's Assembly was to declare war against a foreign nation. This statute has not always been followed by the emperors.

Titles and styles

An emperor should be referred to in the following manner, using Calvus Maxentius as a model: His Imperial Majesty, Calvus Maxentius, Great Emperor of Valoria; Master of Vandar, Engwaeld, the Nordmark, and Oakheart Peninsula; His Most Holy, Reverend, and Exalted, Invincible, Incorruptible, Blessed of the Heavenly Family.


List of Valorian Emperors

Name Birth Succession Reign Consort Time in Office Death
Calvus Maxentius 1207 Second born son of Marik Maxentius, assumed the throne due to Marcus Maxentius declining the throne. 1231 - Present   Ongoing  
Marik Maxentius 1155 Only child of Vitellius Maxentius. 1191 - 1231 Cornelia Maxentius 41 years 1231 (Aged 77) Natural causes
Vitellius Maxentius 1129 Oldest son of Gregorio Maxentius 1162 - 1191   30 years 1191 (Aged 63) Hunting accident
Gregorio Maxentius 1096 Nominated by Council of Lords following the death of Didius Verus. 1148 - 1162   15 years 1162 (Aged 67) Natural causes
Didius Verus 1118 Oldest son of Coponius Verus 1143 - 1148   6 years 1148 (Aged 31) In battle
Coponius Verus 1098 Claimed the throne after Aulus Fabius was murdered 1134 - 1143   10 years 1143 (Aged 46) Natural causes
Aulus Fabius   Adopted son of Ennius Fabius 1126 - 1134   7 years 1134 (Aged XX) Murdered
Ennius Fabius   Eldest son of Cestius Fabius 1122 - 1126      
Cestius Fabius   Had Platius Matho deemed mentally unfit to rule and took the throne with power of his legions 1104 - 1122      
Platius Matho     1090 - 1104      
Paulus Hosidius     1077 - 1090      
Agrippa Salvian     1050 - 1077      
Amulius Salvian     1045 - 1050      
Caius Salvian     1026 - 1045      
Quintus Salvian     1024 - 1026      
Decimus Clemens     1014 -1024      
Tullius Clemens     1002 - 1014      
Caeso Ordius     997 - 1002      
Laetorius Mallus     975 - 997      
Opiter Mallus     954 - 975      
Viridius Aluredes     948 - 954      
Appius Silanus     929 - 948      
Lucius Sergius     929 - 929      
Micinius Horatius     929 - 929      
Numerius Pollio     929 - 929      
Aurelius Corvinus     917 - 929      
Servius Ticinius     907 - 917      
Julianus Grattus     902 - 907      
Olcinius Merula     900 - 902      
Flavius Leddicus     890 - 900      
Camillus Leddicus     874 - 890      
Sextus Evodius     864 - 874      
Mettius Evodius     836 - 864      
Trebatius Nabor     833 - 836      
Hirtius Tarquinius     816 - 833      
Galerius Litumaris            
Maximus Priscillian            
Marcus Naevius            
Titus Genialis            
Quintus Valens            
Appius Numerius            
Gneus Vergilius            
Flavius Lucanus            
Pompeius Lucanus            
Tanicius Hirpinius            
Varius Gordian            
Augustus Sulla            
Decius Valentinian            
Gavius Valentinian            
Oppius Valentinian            
Tiberius Valentinian            
Servius Ursus            
Gaius Oppius            
Titus Valerius            
Commodus Valerius            

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