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A dragon, unleashed from its subterranean prison. A devil, colluded with. A city, overthrown.

This is the tale of a band of adventurers.

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WORK IN PROGRESS (including icon)


The Angels of the Verdant Ranger Society fulfills several roles to the villages, towns, cities, and the wilds they serve.

One role is to keep the beasts (natural or otherwise) under control, especially near undefended towns. The Angels will document large beasts, learn more about them and sell those books. They will also post notices in towns if there is danger nearby and investigate the postings of townsfolk.

Another roles is that of guides and trailblazers. Some towns have the benefit of well-defined roads, but those often either have attracted the interest of bandits, and their use is also taxed. Recently the Giant Khan has taken over "protection" and taxing of the roads, formerly the Lords of the region had this role. Townsfolk may need guarding on these roads, a service the Angels of the Verdant will provide.

Smaller villages often have no road, or heavily overgrown ones, making navigation a chore and danger. The Angels of the Verdant provide guiding and trailblazing as services as well.

Finally to these small towns, the rangers will also often delivery mail and news. Larger towns may have the Bardic Colleges bringing news and tales, but it is unclear if that will continue with the Giant Khan's control of the region.

Thanks to their working with the community and their vetting of members, the Angels of the Verdant are often respected and trusted by the common folk.


Members are often outsiders, and as such the Angels of the Verdant Society tries to accept anyone into its ranks of all genders and races. However, becoming a ranger requires skill, strength, and integrity of character which are all put to the test. These tests are to be applied equally, but some say they're also used to shun some groups.

Once one has earned their wings they official join the ranks as a "ranger".

There's a camaraderie between members despite their backgrounds varying great from outsiders, wildfolk, woodsmen, huntsdwarf, etc.

Member Identification

Each official ranger has a winged brooch that serves as their identification.

Many will wear cloaks, often with winged designs on them. A ranger is given a cloak upon their official membership, but given their jobs these often succumb to wear and tear and may not suit the ranger's local climate. Therefore these are not official identifiers, but can help at a glance.

Local Colloquialisms

Locals often have nicknames for the members of The Angels of the Verdant.

Nicknames for members (often mis-applying titles from the society)

  • Guides
  • Rangers
  • Angels
  • Wildguards

Nicknames for the society as a whole:

  • The Green Angels
  • The Angels
  • The Ranger's Guild
  • The Ranger's Lodge

This province is the one most recently invaded by the Giants as they push north from the mountains.

Main Road from Gulukk to Rangarh is "Riverrun Road" - cobbled several empires ago, the earth is reclaiming parts of this road and the ruts of the wagon are slowly filling with earth

Lays claim to the forest of the Emerald Sea and its corresponding forest in the mortal realm in the Land of Giants.

Vetekus is serpentine, he slithers, glides, and flows over the terrain. Making little noise when he wishes.

Many Ages ago, the Ancients left the moral plane. In their wake, the civilized Giants and the primordial Dragons each laid claim to the land.
For centuries their war raged on, and their numbers dwindled... humanity and its sibling races emerged and overtook the lands, with the Giants and Dragons only a concern but once a generation until they faded into folktales.

But now, their numbers grow, and the Giant Warlord sees the draconic menace as a threat to the tiny humanoids. The Ordning makes it clear that the Giants must protect those below it from the Dragons, whatever the cost.

And so, the Giant Warlord and his horde descended from the Wilds to the South and their enclaves in the Rurgath (Sylavethe) Mountains to the unsuspecting populace.

All entities tagged with this belong to the Land of Giants campaign.


A city-state created barely a millenium ago. This desert city sits upon the great river flowing through the desert.

Once the location of Tabuk, an ancient human city, Karn was built over top of Tabuk (quite literally). The dwarven clan, Karn, has ruled this place for over one thousands years with an iron fist.

Most recently a group, along with scores of black swords from the Avarice Isles. That day, coin claimed the leadership of Karn.

For the past 5 years, a council has ruled.

Arcane Studies and Professionals

Anyone can join Alkarnum for a reasonable fee.

The goal is for it to be free to take lessons until level 3, then you must join the guild and pick a mentor/school of magic to study.

Becoming a mentor reduces the fee.

Thanks to generous gifts, a new wing/tower has been opened, now named the Velbinex Tekalo Wing, as he was given naming rights.


Recently Alkarnum has been investigating the possibility of Freedom of Knowledge.

Currently one must pay a high fee and take entrance examinations to join the guild. The concept of giving base magic knowledge to all was started by Velbinex and Vax.

Recently they began construction of a new wing/tower of the school (naming rights go to Velbinex)

Generous donations from Velbinex and Vax into a new fund have reduced the costs to an affordable sum for all people of Karn. The dream is to provide it all for free.

Prior to the council, the City-state of Karn was ruled by a single leader, the dictator Thoradin Karn.

After our heroes removed him during Unknown, they created a council to rule the city instead.
There are 11 seats including a head of the council, (originally) all of our heroes, representatives from various aspects of life in Karn, and (due to Cendis' deal with Berroven) an appointed seat by an Ice Devil.

The representative seats are voted on by the citizens of Karn. If anyone leaves the council, the remaining council will vote as to who should replace that person or seat (until another election occurs)


The Seats

  1. The People
    • to represent the commonfolk's interests
  2. Industry
    • to represent businesses and their interestes
  3. Dissatisfied
    • to represent the old rebellion members
  4. Religious
    • to represent the interests of all religions that can now practice in Karn
  5. Covenant
    • to satisfy the agreement that was made with Berroven
  6. Arcane Seat
  7. Militant
  8. Alliance
    • to represent the interests of allies (like an ambassador?)
  9. Impoverished
    • to represent those who have various troubles and live in the slums
  10. Heroic
    • to represent the ideals of Good and Law by Hikari
  11. Ruler
    • to give a head for the rest of the council to advise

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