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You opened a door, a door you've opened many times, but this time you found yourself enveloped in the warm light and boisterous chatter of a tavern. When you turn back to go back through that self same door --when did you even cross the threshold?-- you find not the place you just left but a city wholly unfamiliar to you. No matter how many times you open that door, it always opens up to the same city, a mishmash of strange buildings that seem like someone plucked them from random cities and squashed them all together. Welcome to Sol's. ...

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Welcome to Kanka! Your first campaign has been created and we have included a couple of example entities as inspiration (you can delete them whenever).

You'll probably want to get started by adding some entities of your own, so chose a category from the left and get started. You can disable unneeded categories of entity from the campaign settings, this will hide them from the menu.

A few tips to get you started:
- You can type @entityName to link to specific entities. The displayed link text will automatically update if you rename or update the linked entity.
- You can configure account specific settings like themes and entities per page in your profile, accessible on the top right.
- You can set permissions on whole entity types as well as individually on each entity.
- There is a growing list of tutorials on Youtube. Tutorials include attributes and how to share your campaign with other people. The FAQ may also be useful.

Last but not least:
- Have a look at Public Campaigns for inspiration on how others use Kanka.
- If you have questions, suggestions or just want to chat, join us on Discord.
- Loving the app and want to support its growth? Consider supporting Kanka through Subscriptions.

Entity list

Sol's Tavern
Gren Nocookies 1 year ago
community town <placeholder name>
Gren Nocookies 1 year ago
Gren Nocookies 1 year ago
Gren Nocookies 1 year ago
Dagger of Darkness (example)
Gren Nocookies 1 year ago
Welcome Note
Gren Nocookies 1 year ago

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