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Version 0.24.0

Version 0.24.0

Juli 15, 2019

June's big update is finally here with the Patreon vote stuff and some more goodies!

New Features

  • Last Login Sharing: Users can now decide to share their last login time with other people in their campaign by going to the Settings > Profile page. This will show the last login time on the Campaign > Members page.
  • Tags
    • Colours! Tags now have colours.
    • Tooltips: An entity's tags will now appear on the bottom of the tooltip.
    • Quick Add: Ability to add entities to a tag from the tag view UI.
  • Permissions:
    • A new "Entity Note" permission was added to Roles and Entities to allow members to create and edit entity notes of an entity, even if they can't update the entity.
    • Entity Files now have a visibility option to set them to private. The "self" visibility was also added to keep entity files hidden for co-dms.


  • Permissions: The permission engine has once again been refactored, which should improve performance and future headaches.
  • Quests: All children objects now have a "role" field.
  • Nested View: Auto-fill the parent id when clicking on the "create" button in nested views.
  • FAQ: An entry regarding private information (entity notes) has been added.
  • Caching: Tooltips are now cached by the application which improves performance.
  • Emails: Emails sent out by the application are now handled by a queue, meaning that a problem with the email provider will no longer result in a "whoops" page for users.
  • Calendar: Added a "beginning of year offset" field to offset the first day of the first year.

Bug Fixes

  • Permissions: Families of characters were visible for users who didn't have access to the family.
  • Nested Views: Several errors have been fixed with nested views and filters causing errors.
  • Sidebar: Custom menu links were invisible when the sidebar was toggled.
  • Mobile: Fixed a bug with the menu on very small screens where the menu was no longer usable.
  • French: Filters now contain the whole text "choix d'un personnage" instead of cutting off at choix d".
  • Modals: Some modals still had the "cancel" link next to the button which doesn't work.
  • API: Entity tags are now properly returned by the API.

A huge thank you to all the amazing Patrons who make these frequent updates possible thanks to their support on Patreon! As always, feel free to join us on Discord to be part of the conversation.

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