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Oktober 18, 2019

A month ago the new mentions were published, which included a script that went into each entry and replaced links to the new [entry:123] syntax. While at first only a few edge cases of problems were reported, more and more people are coming forward with entities that have missing text.

At first I would go into the backup from before the update and manually replace the entry with the old one, but with more cases coming forward and no true idea of just how big this issue is, I've had to prepare an alternative fix.

Please welcome
This is a read-only version of kanka from the 25th of September 2019, moments before the update went live. If you notice some of your entities are missing text, log into shadow and find the edit form of the entry. Copy-paste the entry field from shadow over to production. The copy-pasted links will be the old ones which no longer auto-update, so it is best to manually replace them.

Note 1: if you've changed your kanka password since the 25th of September, your old password will apply to shadow.

Note 2: mentions will point to "" and not "https//", so don't get confused when clicking on a mention thinking you'll stay on shadow.

I am sorry for the issues caused and hope to be able to regain your lost trust with future releases.


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