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Maybe you know your history. Maybe not. But you're pretty sure it didn't go like this...It's 1821. A third of the world is ruled by the British Crown with Bloody Charlotte, 4th child of the late King George the Third and Vampire Empress sitting on the throne. The British nobility is made up of her kine, blood-bound to their Queen and reigning from Victorian Citadels shrouded by perpetual storm clouds, cast out by the corrupting presence of a manufactured class of soldier-slaves. The Promethean Guards.Maybe you were once human, or you thought you were anyway. You know better now, but that's a small horror next to the time, the reality, you find yourself in. You are displaced in time and reality both. A monster from another time. A person from another history. One where Vampires don't openly rule Britain, where the Holy Roman Empire hasn't turned to impossible magics to ward their borders and where colonies rebelled from their imperial masters, seeking their own, flawed ...

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The Circle of the Crone is considered the vampiric equivalent of neo-paganism and witchcraft. It follows the belief that a goddess (the Crone) was cast out from the other Gods and Goddesses for uncertain reasons. They celebrate most of the major Wiccan holidays and practice a "Blood Magic" known as Crúac. There are many differences in belief and dogma between various circles and cities of the covenant. They generally dislike and argue with the Lancea Sanctum.

Not Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire, but just maybe Europe's best defense again an Empire of Blood

The unified states of Germany. Once on the verge of collapse, the rise of Vampiric Britain has breathed new life into the Empire.

Each state in the Empire has one vote. One elector. Each state contributes to the Empire's standing army, under the command of Holy Roman Emperor. Each elector can put forward motions to the Holy Roman Senate. In times of peace, majority wins.

In times of war? The Emperor himself holds dictatorial power. After all, it worked for Rome, right?

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