In Pieces - 22nd June 2021

The party battled under a thunderous waterfall, a lot of them taking damage from the mighty Borborygmus. Xan helped where she could but was thrown off her game by the harpy not taking the damage she threw at it.

She snaps out of it after she sees her party lying injured - Helikaon falls, then Hipofilious collapses. HER party, HER friends. She strikes - slashing, running, stabbing, and taking clever swipes at the beast. She rushes around like the yellow bird she is alongside her crew.

The beast thunders around but he is nothing to her lighting. They are swift, they battle on and after many an exchange of threats and insults, Xan swipes the final few beats of life from the beast, with the final blow from the small medusa Alke.

Theo looks concerned, and as Xan approaches him to clean herself off she talks to him about how he feels. He seems shaken, and conflicted. She hopes he will be hardened to the world and find this easier as he moves through the world, as Xan has.

They leave the beast on the ground outside, and enter the temple. Braz addresses the older female about their family and their truths.

Xan is distracted and wary of the giant Sydon carving in the fountain but hears the name Mother Bellis said with disdain. Braz tells her that he has denounced his name, hopefully ending the line.

Xan recognises the changing of the name meaning the changing of his path.