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Deep within territory dominated by the Kluuvachni Horde, inside the long dormant Sarvkkron Cryovolcano stands Ahlsund: the most heavily fortified settlement outside of Borealis, kept safe by Colonel Helvej Marjist and the First Southern Solstice Battalion under her command.

Known for being the sole place illurilore can be found, and frost-steel is able to be forged due to the intensity of the cryovolcano's energies.


Made up of a handful of frost-steel smithies, a dozen illurilore prospectors, and one hundred soldiers of the SSR protecting them. Everybody here is trained to fight and ready to stand their ground, or if necessary retreat at a moment's notice.


Ahlsund, by and large, is an exceptionally well-defended garrison.

High stone palisades with overlooks upon them safeguard the western and southern entrances, with wooden spikes protruding out of their base to deal with any straggling pests.

Deep trenches also dug around the walls function as moats, and raised bridges positioned at the entrances keep it secure from the taint outside and as a method to get across when needed.


A joint force from the Zenith and Nadir Regiments operate a convoy delivering food and other basic supplies to Ahlsund every fortnight, in addition to then exporting the produced frost-steel and some residual illurilore back with them. They have no means of growing their own sustenance due to the incredibly harsh terrain so rely on the caravans to continue running. Due to the danger of travel in the region, it is not unusual for convoys to be delayed or unfortunately lose a few troops along the way.


Anvil forges trim the area encompassing the outpost, a great blast furnace connected to the cryovolcano rests in the centre, with the stores kept towards the west side ready for the transporting of goods back to the Glacial Knights' territories.


Fresh water is obtainable from the walls of the cryovolcano where it continually streams down from up above.

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