1. Notizen

(Ⅹ) The Ant



"If you use your imagination, you can see how the stars of Titan's Folly resemble and ant.  This is a reminder of the punishment of Talieus, first-born child of Thylea and Kentimane. Talieus was the God of Crafting, vain and prideful.  In the end, hubris - overwhelming pride - was his downfall.  He created something which has been lost to time, something that cannot be named.

For this terrible crime, Kentimane stripped his eldest son of all his power and gave it to his brother Sydon, while Talieus himself was enslaved by his sister Lutheria.  She severed his arms, blinded him and sewed his lips shut.  She forced him to pull her throne across the endless waters of the Nether Sea, with a great chain wrapped around his neck.  He toiled endlessly, blindly, for the benefit of his queen, just like an ant..."