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Now in Xanders real tomb, the heroes were interupted by the hulking Graxis, having regenarated from his wounds, ready to confront them. With a roar and a charge he knocked Aella immediately unconscious. Raising the rusted axe he wielded he was about to kill her when the axe flew out of his grasp and launched itself into the hands of it's rightful owner - Xander "Dragonshield" Huorath himself, having silently risen from his tomb. Unarmed, the minotaur was still dangerous but the heroes of Thylea were more so and the creature expired with one of Praxos's arrows through its eye.

Turning to face Xander, a dessicated wight in the Dragonlord Commanders outfit he spoke to Tryntia. A heartfelt exchange followed ending with Xander telling her “If you cannot bear to live for yourself. Find something to live for.” and giving her his blessing and his fabled helmet which turned bronze when she touched it.

Xander then turned to Praxos, recognising him as a soldier of Mytros he asked him to describe how the city had grown. Moved by his description he bestowed his fabled armour to him.

He additionally gave the party his Axe, the Titankiller and his shield, The Lion's Jaws however both items were in bad state after their misuse after being handled by Graxis for so many centuries.
He answered a few questions from the party. To Praxos question on how to find and care for dragon eggs he was directed to the Island of the sleepy Dragon which they could get to by following the constellation of the Echo. After queried by Aella about possible golden dragons he informed her that there are two. Hrisonsoma and Iliokataktitis. Their riders were respectively Zanis Luatharn and Zeluna Huorath. With that and a few parting words Xander returned to his tomb, this time to lie there forever more. Later, when resting next to the tomb of Balmytria the group was let in and discovered the headless skeleton of the Dragon and a still living dragon egg clutched in safety by a long dead human, now only skeleton. Tryntia claimed the egg and covered it in warm water to keep it viable as the many centuries have clearly damaged it.

The party decided to visit The Mithral Forge in order to commission Volkan to repair their legendary armaments. On the way they spotted Dragons being ridden by individuals heading to The City of Estoria. Sending a warning to King Pythor via Kiriki who had come for her weekly delivery (she brought them a shield made out of the The Corrupted Boar they slew)
they continued on their journey. It was non uneventful however as on the third day of travel  a rift in reality opened in front of them and a 24ft tall Goloron greeted them. He sought them out to correct a misunderstanding and make an apology. Apparently it was not him who attacked Aella but his brother Talieus . He stated that the Titans will rise and replace the Gods as the rightful rulers of the land and seemed to not known about The Lost Titans. He left quickly after Eurytus told him that his parents had kept the truth from him.

Finally, the party made it to the mines where they met a renewed Volkan who quickly took the items and started to repair them and a more muscular Selene who had become proficient in smithing in the short time they had been apart. She told them that she was still some way away from finishing the master weapon.
The journey then to The City of Mytros was also eventful with the first day running into a cyclops that wanted to sacrifice them tor Sydon but was dispatched incredibly quickly.
On the second day they encountered an old flame of Kyrah, Poet Laureate of Mytros's at some form of celebration or festival in the middle of the heartlands. Finally on the third day of travel, Aella’s clockwork owl started beeping in warning. There were 6 metallic birds in the sky, quite low down to the ground. Apparently Aella has never seen stimfays outside of Themis and this meant that Amazons may be around.
Finally, The City of Mytros showed itself to be in an etreemely pdd condition, with an endless storm battering it. The party entered the town but not before Aella was shocked by lighting again. Praxos took them to The Satyr's Tail, a seedy tavern in the Stygian Row in order to keep low, however it was obvious that they had been made from the very moment they enetered. A paranoid night later of keeping guard they were woken by Eurayle who was on watch seeing a bronze dragon peering through the window. A man came up the stairs and seemed to know Praxos. His name is Tarchon "Big Man", now a high-ranking member of the Centurions of Mytros and part of King Acastus fighting force, "The New Dragonlords". He exclaimed to them that the King wished them to come to his chambers immediately for an audience.

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