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(S05) Return To Estoria


The combat between the party and the roving centaur band commenced. Tryntia cast fog cloud whilst Praxos picked them off from a distance and Eurytus cast a spell to have a giant hand grapple one of the centaurs. Everyone else tried to close the insane gap between them. Eventually, a few were killed and the rest retreated with Eurytus knowing their leader, a female Centaur called Xenia.

The group made their way back to Estoria where a parade was waiting for them to congratulate them on their success in bringing their children and teenagers back. This had been helped by word of mouth from Aesop. Whilst most of the group revelled in their fame, Tryntia gave the horn back to Aesop and was informed that they would be able to drink from the horn when they were ready.

Praxos, Aella, Euryale and Selene went to the tavern where they were given free drinks and Selene recited her newly written poem after an impressive speech from Praxos. Aella met someone to share a bed with and Euryale disguised herself to fit in. Tryntia At some point hey saw a poster for a play based on the life of Estor Arkelander – one of Tryntia’s comrades and a well-known Dragonlord. Eurytus and Ken went to meet with Corinna's father, Thericles and ensure she made it home safely. They were rewarded with a magical javelin that Thericles had been rewarded with for his long service and a few bottles of wine.

The group did visit Volkan The Blacksmith twice. The first time he was busy but the second time they managed to catch him for long enough for Praxos to appeal to the god-like man and ask him to enhance the shield he had burnt the image of a bronze dragon onto for Tryntia. He seemed to be in a dark mood and had been evidently been drinking for the past day.

Eventually, everyone met up at the Dragon Shrine to Drink From the Horn of Balmytria wherein everyone slipped into the same prophetic dream. In the dream they saw a galley sailing on a bright cerulean sea. A strange bronze device in their hands, clicking and reflecting the stars and constellations in the sky above us. The ship sped up and it got faster and faster, wind sweeping everyone nearly overboard. Corpses and dead eyes grinned towards them from the waves below. A gigantic tentacle erupted from the depths below where it grabbed Praxos and took him under the depths.

The group all awoke, bar Praxos who was found to be drowning. Tryntia cast destroy water and saved his life.  It seemed he had had an additional vision, one which was deciphered by Kyrah, Poet Laureate of Mytros to be concerning The Fates. The group discussed what the dream meant but all agreed it was very vague to them. They all found out what star they were born under, however. 

 They then agreed to see the show about general Estor in case it helped surface memories for Tryntia and while she did remember an argument between the two of them when Estor was building his ship with Tryntia stating that it was wrong. The group spoke to one of the performers after the show who informed them that what they had performed was taken from the history books – even though Tryntia knew it to be mainly made up. There was nearly a fight between the man and Praxos when they noticed he was wearing a clock with the symbol of Sydon on it but Aella managed to step in and take the soldier down. The group decided to rest for the night and head to the mines the following day after seeing if Tryntia’s shield was finished. 

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