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After rescuing the teenage Corinna from the horde of Goatlings, the party went into The Mossy Temple It was tough going, with Aella, The Whirlwind almost eaten by an acidic slime and Euryale sassing some Gygan Gargoyles but they finally made their way into Demetria's lair.

Rescuing the kidnapped teenagers and children (for the most part) and uncovering the foul rituals Demetria was performing they barged into her dining room where combat quickly ensued. The Heroes of Thylea were able to stop some of the young girls eating human flesh but one did and turned into a fearsome and twisted Manead.

Combat was brutal, with Rekken swooping in and grabbing the horn before much was said. Praxos grabbed the horn, gulped down an amount and was instantly knocked out. It seems the potent wine deemed showing the prophetic dreams as a priority. Selene was able to wake him quickly, however, and the fight ensued. Tryntia ran over the incapacitated Gygan, climbed on a chair, leapt on the table and finally struck Demetria. Demetria was, unfortunately, able to escape by filling the room with spores and entering the summoned vines. The Gygan put up a huge fight but was finally felled.

The party found:

  • A magical wand (unidentified)
  • Euryale's spellbook
  • A spellbook wrapped in human skin (unidentified)
  • A magical pot (unidentified)
  • A ring with the sigil of Praxos's lost, family.
  • A broken dragonlord shield

Aella, The Whirlwind destroyed the statue of Sydon and Praxos crafted an image of Yklezion on a bronze shield using the acid from the creature that almost ate Aella, The Whirlwind.

On their first day back the party encountered a bizarre sight.

A pair of enormous stone forearms reaching out of the ground next to the path that you are following. The statues are completely still, frozen in a gesture that appears to be grasping at the sky. Although the stonework appears to be finely carved, there are no other signs of civilization or any man-made structures anywhere in the vicinity.


Surprisingly, the second day was much much worse.

Dark clouds and thunder roll across the sky. You spot a flash of silver in the clouds. At first, you mistake it for lightning, but it slowly resolves into a magnificent silver dragon. A blue-cloaked figure sits astride the dragon as it circles overhead. The figure speaks:

"Give up your quest and prostrate yourselves before the power of Sydon.”

His voice abruptly changes to something far deeper and inhuman,

“You meddle with forces beyond your comprehension.” 

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