1. Logbücher

The Prophecy of Versi



The Oracle inhales the vaporous fumes that surround her. She stares into each of your eyes, probing your souls with her penetrating gaze. Some time passes before she speaks. “You all stand here with reasons as varied as the whims of fate. But know this - this is your destiny. And destiny cannot be escaped. Proceed and become legends. And perhaps your reasons will be satisfied in the process.”

You warriors who stand here gathered will be tested. The Fates have revealed three great tasks that must be accomplished before you are ready to sail into the three seas and face the Titans. You must shape the silver fires of the lost forge in order to craft the tools that you will need. You must claim the mighty weapons wielded against the Titans by the first Dragonlord. And you must drink deep from the bottomless dragon horn, for it will reveal a vision that I cannot see. But woe unto thee, for I have seen the end of all things. My father’s anger cannot be quelled, and his sister schemes even now. Your quest may yet fail and, if it should, the sky will rain black fire, and the doom of Thylea will come.”

Versi: "Please, let me receive you, and I shall share with you that which I promised..."

Praxos - The Doomed One

"My condolences for your loss, O' Doomed One. You whose birth was cursed, whose joyous day of coming to the world was spoiled, I can see the torment that has been laid at your feet. I can see you have a part to play in the prophecy. But my sight is clouded with all else. You are like a black void where only lights exist. 

Question: "What doom, haunts my destiny, and why did it choose me?"

"My sight is obscured from seeing the perpetrator of your misfortunes. Speak with my sister, Demetria, where she weeps and rages in the Oldwood. She has a connection to that which is fated to be your ultimate doom. I believe that her servants have delivered to her a relic, stolen from your fallen family." While I cannot see the fates that befell your loved ones, I can see their memory clinging to you like so many ghosts. Know that your doom is great but it was not inflicted in anger. I know now the silver light of dawn shielded you from the wrath that so terribly fell upon your family.  Yet they need not haunt you, phantomwise, forever. 

Aella - The Dragonslayer 

I see your destiny is one bound in blood and glory. You shall be the bane of wicked wyrms that would torment mortals and fae alike and  right the wrong the Amazons committed long ago.

I can see your path will be a treacherous one indeed, but you needn't walk it alone. Two women will aid you by force or friendship. 

Question: How do I claim vengeance for my family?

To become this glorious figure, and to right the wrong that was done to you and yours, you must seek out the one trapped in the fires of the great forge. She can provide insight into the weapon that is meant to slay the setting sun. The one who put fire into your kin. In the head of a god, there is a woman. She could offer you either aid or be the first villain to fall to your duly deserved revenge. Be wary. Be warned, only if the Amazons stand by the people of Thylea against the Titans can the Twins be defeated. You must not only exact brutal vengeance but prove your worth. I sense there is something else on your mind. She lives. As all Sirens do in troubled times she has returned to a roost.

Rekken - The Seeker

"I sense distant shores upon you. Your very venture here to these lost lands is an odyssey in and of itself. But your journey has only just begun. I can see you finding a way back home but first I see you as a member of this group, chornilicking their exploits and fighting alongside them. You will need as much  knowledge as possible if you are to achieve your goals. Seek out arrivals to this land such as yourself, many bring boons that could help you to sail back to your home...or stay and become a legend here. Perhaps the trove of the Dragonlords?

Question. Did any of my crew survive? If so, Where can I find them?

A few have survived my ancestor's wrath. Scattered across Thylea, some are in danger and others thrive. To find them you must cross the land from one end to the other. I wish you luck.

Eurytus - The Timeless One

"Cousin, strange cousin, you are an anomaly. Lost to the sands of time, yet returned to Thylea in the here and now. This was fated to be, foreseen by my namesake - your mother, Versi the First. Still, I have seen you fulfil her prophecy, now given to me. For your hand to guide Thylea's new dawn, you must seek out the Hand of Kentimane that sleeps in the heart of the Oldwood and take it to the Island of the Golden Heart. There, you shall commune with our grandmother, Thylea herself." 

Question. What happened when I was sent away?

I wish I could say what happened to her, cousin, but my father jealously guards such secrets. All that I can say is that Sydon named his children after his lost siblings as some sort of final insult or so he says.

Euryale - The Cursed One

"You, Cursed One, whose veins run black with the foulest of hexes, and whose punishments are disproportionate to their crimes. A lesser creature than you would have been reduced to an unthinking beast. But you, you overcame. We have more in common than you may realise."

Question: Where can I find the power to undo the will of a Titan, to lift the curse of Lutheria which has followed me through long centuries?"

I see that you must travel to the City of the Dead, there you must speak with the silent guardian that watches over all of Telamok. He shall reveal the nature of your curse, for he was there when the curse was placed upon your blood."

I knew your grandmother, you know? Tersephoni, a fierce mortal and a beautiful soul. Now, allow me to gift you something of hers - a memento that I know she would wish for you to have far more than I.

Tryntia - The Vanished One

Versi will treat the Vanished One differently than the other heroes. She will ask to speak to this particular hero privately in her cave, where she will remind them that they must return to her when the Great Labors have been completed. My heart, the fates are cruel indeed to rip us apart so quickly after you have come to my rescue. Before I speak to you of your great destiny, I would ask you to swear an Oath to me, here and now, that once you have accomplished your fate and prevent the Doom of Thylea... that you will return to me. And let our hearts forever sing as one. "I always had such a 'soft spot' for mortals... but I had no idea what it meant to love, not truly, before I laid eyes upon you Tryntia. I shall speak now of your fate: you are destined to see your order rise once more - I see you, once more wearing your famed armour and crown. You must retake them. Seek them out in the Necropolis at Telamok. Old friends wait for you there."

Question: "Unintelligible"

“A single tear falls down from the oracles eye” Yes...you will see him again.

Selene - The Demigod

"You are a beauteous thing you, but a flower cannot bloom if its stem wilts. So too must you, to see your destiny through, go to your divine parent, Pythor, now King of Estoria. He wallows in his wine and his grief, long having lost the luster of his glory days. You shall forge the weapon he could never wield, defeat his ancient foe, and save his true love, your mother. In doing so, you shall walk a path that would allow you to outshine your father in heroism, and perhaps even join him in godhood."

Question: "Is my mother still alive?"

"Your mother is alive, surrounded by jealousy, She abides, somewhere in the Forgotten Sea, Guarded by Pythor's mortal enemy"