1. Charaktere


Lady of Coins


The Lady of Coins kept her lair in the head of the Colossus of Pythor. Although few in the city know it, her true name is Moxena as the part discovered when they were in the Nest of the Forgotten.

The Betrayal

Thirteen years ago, a group of three Amazonian sisters were tempted by Lutheria with great power should they act on the ambitions of the eldest sister and usurp the throne. In a single night of bloodshed, the Queen and her main supporters were murdered as the sisters stole their lives and identities. For this deed, at the end of the bloody night the three sisters were transformed into medusae, as both a reward from Lutheria, and a curse for their treachery. The Exile was aided in escaping by the youngest sister, Moxena. When the eldest sister ordered Moxena to clear out the deposed queen’s living quarters, she found the soon-to-be Exile as a defenceless child. Rather than killing her as ordered, she snuck the child on a boat and pushed it out to sea, trusting in Fate to protect her. Years later, either out of regret for the betrayal, or in hopes of seizing greater power for herself, or perhaps some mixture of the two sentiments, Moxena attempted to overthrow her two sisters and claim the throne. This ended poorly, and led to Moxena’s flight from Themis, and her eventual rise as the Lady of Coins in Mytros, after being rescued by Hexia.