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A 2038 Jeeeep Ultrachungus-XS, one of the earliest and smallest DWs made.

Note: This usage supplanted the original definition of "Two mobile homes, bolted together as a single unit and used as a permanent residence."

The Double-Wide (Also Dee-Dub, Double, Dubby, or DW) is a vehicle that came to prominence in the United States in the mid- to late-21st century. As its name implies, the DW is just over twice as wide as a standard vehicle. It occupies two lanes in a street, and generally sits much higher than a standard vehicle. DWs are considered one of the focal points and originating factors in Toofers


Historians and Anthropologists note contributions from various sectors that led to the rise of the Double-Wide.

Commercial Interests

The DW was promoted with advertising, lobbying, and corporate subterfuge by the combined interests of the Petroleum, Auto-making, Real Estate, Engineering and Civil Contracting industries, among others. Its widespread adoption meant a bonanza for industries that built, fueled, or laid concrete for it.


Near the mid-21st century, Anti-Environmentalist Culture had reached a fever pitch for its adherents, who often made major material sacrifices and adjustments to their lifestyle to make their beliefs clear. As Electric Vehicles had increasingly become standard in the developed world, their reaction was to double-down on their commitment to the internal combustion engine. It became a point of pride to own a double-wide, even if they were not yet street-legal in that jurisdiction. As DWs became more commonplace, they went from a mostly rural status symbol to a common sight in city centers redesigned to accommodate them.

Government & Regulatory Bodies

Main Article: The Doubling

The United States underwent a sweeping pattern of amendments to civil engineering codes, zoning regulations and civil tort laws, accompanied by enormous expenditures to retrofit its infrastructure to accommodate DWs. This was known as The Doubling, often cited as a factor in that society's collapse.

Many jurisdictions moved to legalize DWs for consumer use in all roadways, often ahead of any indicated consumer demand. DWs were afforded special privileges and exemptions in traffic rules, such as designated lanes, mandatory right-of-way, collision liability exemptions, and pass-under obligations for smaller vehicles. 

Some jurisdictions banned DWs outright, the smallest of which simply got Raze Rallied. Others were subject to various angles of sabotage by the various private interests and aligned governmental actors that stood to profit.


The Double-Wide was an explicit strategy in the Climate Conspiracy.


DWs are often widened versions of existing standard-sized SUVs and pickup trucks, with seating for four to twelve people per row. Some models have two stories, with the driver's seat most often being located on the second story. The interiors are fitted as mobile homes, businesses, vacant passenger seating, or any other justification for using this much space.

The largest models retain the conventional four-wheeled design, with enough space underneath for a single standard vehicle to pass in a parallel or lateral direction. In most jurisdictions, those passing such a DW are legally obligated to pass under the vehicle rather than around it - because it's important to utilize space efficiently, folks!

Lovely art by Mike Transfiguracion!

A Kuol is a large levosteoid mammalian predator native to Bodue


At its tallest posture (legs extended, neck retracted in threat fear response), a Kuol stands up to 4m tall to the shoulder. At a normal standing posture, they measure about 2.5m to the shoulder, with the limbs arching about 0.5m higher than that.

The Kuol has six muscular spiderlike legs. Between the legs are patagia which allow the Kuol to soar by extending them taut. They catch enough wind resistance to allow the Kuol to soar from any height, a favored tactic to ambush prey. Its long semi-prehensile clawed digits default to a powerful grasp and thus require exertion to open rather than to close. This is an adaptation for climbing and hunting, but makes their locomotion on flat surfaces somewhat ungainly. However, it allows them to maintain a supporting grip effortlessly, which they use to await prey or sleep suspended. And for a hunter, a powerful crushing grip makes a great addition to its arsenal. Its trunk is long, somewhat slender and very muscular on the top. The underbelly is soft and vulnerable1. It has a thin prehensile tail used for rapid balancing, measuring about 3m long. The Kuol is covered in long, coarse, dry, usually black hair, giving it a woolly appearance. When huddled against the cold, the long bristled fur can give the Kuol a vague appearance that helps it blend into the darkness. 

The Kuol's neck is about 2m long, very muscular and prehensile, and gives the creature a surprising grace of form. Kuol have large fanged mouths similar to a Tiger (8cm canines, shearing carnassians, small incisors for precision work). The tongue is covered with papillae, giving it a rasping texture to strip fur from meat, meat from bones, and when in starvation mold from bark. The eyes are large and very light-sensitive - Kuol will generally avoid the Middle Canopy and Emergent Layer, preferring to hunt in the Lower Canopy, The Void, and Rootlands. The ears are long, pointed and very sensitive to directionality. 


Fur color and texture varies according to climate and season. I dunno, go crazy.



Adult Kuol lead semi-solitary lives. They establish and maintain dens most frequently in Lomoi Maws or empty Geophore Follicles, but have much wider home ranges within which they roam. Resident adults of either sex generally confine their movements to their home ranges, within which they satisfy their needs and those of their growing cubs. Individuals sharing the same area are aware of each other's movements and activities, but do not hunt cooperatively. 

Young Kuol establish their first territories close to their parents', drifting away over time. Males migrate further and earlier, acquiring territory by absence of competitors or by challenging an existing resident for it. If not ready for a challenge, a young male may migrate a long way as a transient in others' territory, but this is a risky way to survive. Transient Kuol are identified by a greater frequency of injuries and scarring, more poorly-maintained coats, disguised musk, and increased (sometimes suicidal) aggression.

Kuol mark their territory with feces in trails, claw marks on bark, and some of the foulest urine ever discovered. Kuol are not always aggressively territorial. Though they hunt individually without exception, they are known to share kills even with others not related to them. In the case of a Transient Kuol, sharing is often preferable to risking injury from combat. Nevertheless, males are less tolerant of competitors in their territory than females. 

Combat between Kuol never takes the form of their normal predator ambush, and is normally resolved by display of intimidation or submission. Males will tolerate a submissive male in their territory if they do not encroach. If the competitive display is between males and a nearby female is in estrus, or one or more of the competitors has nearby young, it may develop into combat. Females with young will not accept another female's submission display.

Kuol are frighteningly fast climbers and only passable swimmers, usually avoiding bodies of water water except in the hottest climates. 

Hunting & Diet

Kuol are apex predators save for the civilized Haaru. Gheheshmat are a favored prey and relatively defenseless. Kuol who hunt the Middle Canopy can afford to eat smaller prey like Pesh. Those who drop from the Lower Canopy or Trunk to the Rootlands are investing much more energy in the hunt, and as such will ignore most creatures smaller than a Gheheshmat2. A Kuol can kill prey much larger than itself, such as the Sina. Selecting for the young and infirm reduces the chance of injury. 

The most common hunting method is to drop a short distance within the middle canopy on another creature. If a chase follows, Kuol are terrifyingly fast at climbing and traversing treelimbs, and their prehensile neck makes some evasive maneuvers pointless. If sick, starving or injured, one may simply stalk the forest floor.

They kill much like the predators of earth, preferring to knock prey down with gliding momentum or brute strength, and kill with strangulation by a bite to the throat. Their talons are used to grip prey, tear tendons or disembowel. After a kill, Kuol often conceal it in vegetation. 

Reproduction & Lifecycle

Kuol identify each other primarily by sight, and when necessary by scent. Their musk and urine convey information about age, identity, and reproductive status. During estrus their skin increases secretion of an oil that gives their fur a sheen and strong scent. Estrual Kuol Oil is a common ingredient in Haaru perfumes, diluted to a faintly sweet and musky scent with a slight edge of bitterness. 

Kuol females attract mates with a specialized shriek loud enough to echo throughout the Void into other territories, generally from a perch that would be suitable for hunting. Males compete for mates by aggression display or combat, and it's very toxic on all accounts. 

Like most mammalians on Bodue, Kuol are oviparous. Upon mating, the pair will find a den - most commonly in a Boduan Maw or emptied Geophore follicle. Male Kuol stay to rear and feed their young, so that's nice.

Transient Kuol will kill unrelated cubs to make the female receptive. The mortality rate of Kuol cubs is about 50% in the first two years. Apart from Haaru and other Kuol, common causes of cub mortality are starvation, freezing, and accidents. The generation length of the Kuol is about seven years. The oldest recorded captive Kuol lived for 24 years.

The American Motorized Combat League (AMCL, "The League") is a motorized combat sports league, as well as a division of the Armed Forces of Las Vegas



WarDroids was an American robot combat television series. Competitors designed and operate remote-controlled armed and armored machines designed to fight in an arena combat elimination tournament.

The ubiquity of drone technology led to an expansion of the league into an aerial drone division in 2024. 

As various fabrication technologies progressed into greater access for civilians, more combat-ready machines began to enter the league. Weight divisions were progressively increased to the point that matches were held in large outdoor arenas. 

As the league expanded in participation and sponsorship, they sought new opportunities for expansion. The lobbying effort took half a decade, but eventually a compromise was reached between investors and the United States Federal Government.


The American Motorized Combat League was officially formed in 2029 as a joint effort between the The United States Department of Defense & private investors.

The goals were multiple:

  • Cultivate a new sporting league to enrich investors and competitors through advertising and prize moneys
  • Further develop Mobile Combat Doctrine and technology through a free-market innovation model
  • Offer a regular opportunity for live-fire training for armed forces personnel
  • Accelerate MilitaryPrivatization by cultivating paramilitary groups
  • Provide positive PR to the US Armed Forces
  • Entice enlistees to the military

Originally, AMCL entrants consisted solely of converted civilian vehicles or standard military vehicles. Later, it would expand to include massive armed Rigs, Power Armor, and air & nautical vehicles as well. All vehicles were mandated to be remote-controlled, until combined pressure from various interests led to The AMCL's Shift to Manned Vehicles.

The free creative range for teams effected a strong evolutionary pressure on vehicle design. The results were massively influential on consumer vehicles, and had the effect of popularizing combat-ready vehicles among the populace as an analogous political statement to firearm ownership. 

Federal Emergency Austerity Act (FEAA)

After the FEAA, the AMCL declared its allegiance for the newly created Democratic Consortium of Las Vegas. It was integrated into the Armed Forces of Las Vegas.


The AMCL occupies an unusual space in the economy. It not only conducts and organizes AMCL Exhibitions for profit, but it also acts as a MercenaryParamilitaryOrganization for the Democratic Consortium of Las Vegas. Occasionally, recruits are drawn from AMCL Open League to serve as Mooks for military maneuvers or sports exhibitions.

In addition, mostly in the Open League, teams are known to regularly offer freelance services throughout Dust Bowl, the kind you need violence for. And depending on their ethics, this might include raiding & pillaging.



Divisions are determined by vehicle weight and with some minor limitations to armaments to keep things competitive. 

Ranked bouts are often limited to a single division, but may include teams from multiple.

Power Armor Divisions

Aerial Divisions

Terrestrial Vehicle Divisions

Maritime Divisions

Random completed articles

UnGary is the Ambassador of Gary (City-State). The title is not limited to a single person, nor is the ambassadorship designated to any foreign power. 

In fact, no one in Gary (Regime) even remembers what an ambassador is or does. They just know that it makes one different, and being different is UnGary (Punishment)

Ascension to the ambassadorship is always simultaneous with exile. UnGary is adorned with ceremonial garb in the most insulting fashion, paraded in public to the jeers of Gary (Culture), and officially ejected. 

If UnGary is unlucky, they go to Outlands, where they almost never last more than a week.

If UnGary is lucky, they go to Chicago, the Regime making use of a hoard of un-redeemed winning lots in the Chicago Citizenship Lottery. They become an ambassador to Chicago, where they almost never last more than two weeks.

The Gatorade Explosions were a spate of deadly accidents in the year _____, caused by the misuse of Gatorade Plasma Cells as a power source.

Immediately after the release of Gatorade Plasma, various actors in all sectors (public, private, commercial) misused Cells as power sources - for desperation, profit, or getting off the grid. The engineering in a Cell was beyond the understanding of most people, and even those academics who could advise on the right way to do it advised strongly against it. Most ignored the warnings, as for the average person it was their only option economically. Cells were so incredibly cheap because they contained pure thirst-quenching energy in an extremely cheap package that had a small chance of killing you and everyone nearby.

When Gatorade Plasma Cells exploded, they often set off a chain reaction. The explosion was consistently large enough to level long swaths of suburban houses. So I guess there is sort of a happy ending in all this.

Guildsman is the term used within the The Hitchhiker's Guild to refer to its members. They are referred to externally as Hitchhikers.

Guildsmen are of the following ranks, based on their level of acceptance within the network:

Paolo Soleri (21 June 1919 – 9 April 2013) was an Italian architect. He established the educational Cosanti Foundation and Arcosanti. Soleri was a lecturer in the College of Architecture at Arizona State University and a National Design Award recipient in 2006. He coined the concept of 'arcology' – a synthesis of architecture and ecology as the philosophy of democratic society. [1]

Soleri was the conceptual originator of the field of Architectural Arcology, the nascent movement of Arcology (Science). His project of Arcosanti is one of the first demonstrations of Arcological principles in practice.




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