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març 24, 2021

Spring is here and with it is our newest community vote! Our previous community vote ended up in more map options being implemented, and attribute improvements coming soon.

For this vote, we once again have three very different options for Kanka.

Marketplace: Content Packs

With attribute templates being a big success on the marketplace, we want to work on the last big feature for the marketplace which is content packs. This will allow creators to create sets of characters, locations and other entities in the marketplace that can then be imported into campaigns.


The day has come for the dreaded calendars to come back to a community vote. This option includes adding a visibility dropdown to reminders, as well as adding more options for recurring reminders to be set on moon cycles.


Our last option for the community vote is to add more options to dashboard widgets. One would be to include members of an organisation and family on the preview widget. Another is to be able to show the attributes of an entity on the preview widget. Finally, we want to add more filter options on the recent widget like "completed" status for quests, or "dead" for characters.

As always, don't forget to join our Discord to keep up to date with progress on what gets implemented!

Content packs!
Visibility and moon cycle recurring reminders!
Just give me more dashboards!

Han votat [2,] 104 participants.

La votació va tenir lloc des de les març 24, 2021 GMT fins a les març 31, 2021 GMT.

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