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Springstide 21

I started the day with no intention of going anywhere. Having just arrived with a merchant caravan the previous day, I was ready to spend this one with a half-pint of ale and a good pie from the local inn.


The two drunks sitting at the table near me were chatting about some "Redwood Keep" and the riches that some adventurers had found there recently. Strange. I had come to this village from another keep to the east - one that people affectionately called "the Keep on the Borderlands"... it seems as though this "Redwood Keep" should be called "the Keep beyond the Borderlands".

What can I say? I have the itch. I'm packing my things and heading out, let's leave the drinking and eating for later.

Springstide 22

Ok. So. I almost died. I'm writing a note down in here just so I remember to never approach glowing gems and floating shields in dimly lit places, as large globules of goo are ready to consume me at a moment's notice. Thankfully we managed to fell the giant thing, despite almost losing one of the tall ones and the Dwarf they called Hats.

I returned to the village richer and more experienced, and am writing this from the comfort of a private, heated room in the inn, with a shiny new magical shield resting by the foot of my bed. I am beginning to think that this adventuring lifestyle may suit me.

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