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Upon returning we finishing the job of using a spear tip to wrench the hinges off of a reinforced door. Behind was a mostly strange sight, some kind of monster's ghoul kingdom complete with its own nudist lady or lord. The bastards fought tooth and nail to the last but luckily I remembered to restring my crossbow before arriving and shot true. Poor Dorric  made a suicidal charge and was quickly paralyzed by one of the beasts. I’m beginning to fear for them and their recklessness. I hope they learn some sense on the next expedition. Regardless we dispatched the foes and claimed the title of ghoul king slayers as well as their horde. Not only coins but a strange enchanted shield of flame. Once again this keep proves to be a profitable, and deadly adventure. The two seldom keep away.

Creat per Idle Doodler el fa 1 any. Última modificació per Idle Doodler el fa 9 mesos

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