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Baron's quarters are good, the food is hearty, and wine sweet. But my mood is ill, and I write this with a heavy heart. Hats and I have been drinking long into the night—but I couldn't keep the pace with the damn dwarf. 

We've returned from the last expedition with a helmet that sported a magnificent ruby stone; for which the baron paid us 600 gold pieces, and a promise to pay for our retainers and ensure we have access to proper boats.

But, alas, we've also returned with cold bodies of Tarek, Doric, and Father Fryd. My brother-in-arms, Tarek, passed under the choke of a humanoid cat monstrosity devoid of any hair, whilst brave-boy Doric and pious Father Fryd passed from the wounds inflicted by the stone golem.

Adventurer's life is the one of peril; high risk, high return. What else should one expect when plundering old and forgotten ruins, but death?

Enough of lolly-gagging, I ought to write down something useful as well. 

As we approached the keep, we've been ambushed by a cat-looking humanoid creature. There seemed to be only one, and it wasn't attacked by skeleton underneath it's feet. We've killed it, and left it's corpse in front of the Bone keep breach.

Instead of heading into the courtyard, we investigated the siege tower and circle of barren land. That's where we've discovered a trapdoor going 40' down.

Gorash, a bear-like man that joined us, forced-open the doors that stood in our way without breaking a sweat. From then on, we could hear moaning and maniacal laughter, but haven't found the source yet.

I've made a quick sketch of the corridors and caves we've traversed:


We've found stairs going up—most likely to the keep—and spiked the doors. The larger cave had a statue of a warrior clad in a plate armour. It came to life and attacked us; but we prevailed at the cost of Fryd's and Doric's life.

That cave had three appendices: a smaller room with a statue of woman angel, a corridor covered in rubble (that seemed like we could open it if we had some shovels), and a cave-like corridor with portcullis (leading towards the river?).

I recovered the helmet from the angelic statue; and nearly lost my life in the process. As I was taking it off, the statue suddenly swung it's sword. Luck was on my side, and I lunged just in time.

Well... It's time to recruit some more adventurers, and head back for some more riches.


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