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The Pampered Traveler

This inn, with large, conical-roofed, many-windowed turrets at its either end, stands like an exotic castle, dark and somehow inviting. The Pampered Traveler's name sets high expectations, and they are not disappointed. Servants conduct attend guests' needs in large, warm, well-furnished rooms and come within breaths at the bell pulls located near each room's door.

On the main floor is a huge smoking room with a roaring hearth, a play nursery for the children of guests, a gaming room, and three small, private meeting rooms for the use of guests. There is also, surprisingly, a library filled with books hand-copied by the staff and a reading table with a glass top, under which can be seen as full and complete a map of the known Realms.

  • Address

    Corner of Selduth Street & the Street of Bells, Lhestyn's Turn, East Midcastle, Castle Ward

  • Type


  • Price Range


  • Proprietor(s)

    Brathan Zilmer is a solemn, careful, handsome man with a keen interest in exploration and an air of mystery and wariness about him.

  •  Durnan is the owner and proprietor of the Yawning Portal. Although he looks like a middle-aged man whose best days are behind him, Durnan has a sharp mind and can still swing a sword when he must. He doesn't like talking about his past, and he won't reveal anything about his time as an adventurer.

    If Durnan has any living family members, he doesn't speak of them. He rarely says two words when one will do. He has a dark sense of humor and spares no pity on those who take the risk of entering Undermountain.

    He keeps Grimvault, his magic greatsword, within reach under the bar, and can chop tables in half with it if he so desires. He also can pull out a double crossbow (a heavy crossbow with reduced range that fires two bolts at the same target). Still, if he gets involved in a brawl, he prefers fighting with fists or a well-flung tankard.

    Durnan doesn't often venture far from the Yawning Portal, using his employees to run errands for him as needed. If he's feeling charitable, he might gently discourage likable "nobodies" from venturing into Undermountain, if he thinks they wouldn't survive. He can also direct adventurers toward tavern regulars who might be able to help them or offer useful information.

    The Dwarven Pantheon
    Deity Alignment Domains Symbol
    Abbathor, god of greed NE Trickery Jeweled dagger, point-down
    Berronar Truesilver, goddess of hearth and home LG Life, Light Intertwined silver rings
    Clangeddin Silverbeard, god of war LG War Crossed silver battleaxes
    Deep Duerra, duergar goddess of conquest and psionics LE Arcana, War Mind flayer skull
    Dugmaren Brightmantle, god of discovery CG Knowledge Open book
    Dumathoin, god of buried secrets N Death, Knowledge Mountain silhouette with a central gemstone
    Gorm Gulthyn, god of vigilance LG War Bronze half-mask
    Haela Brightaxe, goddess of war-luck CG War Upright sword whose blade is spiraled in flame
    Laduguer, duergar god of magic and power LE Arcana, Death Broken arrow
    Marthammor Duin, god of wanderers NG Nature, Trickery Upright mace in front of a tall boot
    Moradin, god of creation LG Knowledge Hammer and anvil
    Sharindlar, goddess of healing CG Life Burning needle
    Vergadain, god of luck and wealth N Trickery Gold coin with the face of a dwarf

    Dwarven Deities

    The gods of the dwarves are a pantheon, or clan, collectively known as the Morndinsamman.

    Forge Father and Revered Mother

    Moradin, the Soulforger, leads the dwarven gods. Known as Dwarf-father or All-Father, he is the god of the dwarf people as a whole, as well as the god of creation, "dwarf-crafts" (smithing and stonework), and protection. His wife is the Revered Mother, Berronar Truesilver, goddess of hearth and home, of honesty and faithfulness, and of oaths, loyalty, and honor.

    Gods of Battle

    Clangeddin Silverbeard is the dwarven god of war and valor. Gorm Gulthyn, also called Fire Eyes and the Lord of the Bronze Mask, is the god of defense and vigilance, the protector of dwarves. Haela Brightaxe is the goddess of luck in battle, and the patron of dwarf fighters.

    Gods of Craft

    Dumathoin, the Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain, is the patron of the shield dwarves, as well as the god of buried wealth, mining, gems, and exploration, and the guardian of the dead. Sharindlar, Lady of Life and Mercy, is the goddess of healing, romantic love, and fertility, often associated with the moon.

    Gods of Far Places

    The god of invention and discovery is Dugmaren Brightmantle, called the Wandering Tinker or the Gleam in the Eye. Marthammor Duin is the traveler's god, patron of expatriates and guides, and deity of lightning and roads.

    Gods of Wealth

    Vergadain, called the Merchant King, is the god of thieves (who commands his followers never to steal from other dwarves), luck, and chance, as well as commerce and negotiation. Abbathor is the god of greed, sometimes portrayed as a dragon filled with envy of the wealth of others, who jealously tends his own hoard.

    Gods of the Grey

    Laduguer is the patron of the duergar, god of magic and those crafts not governed by Moradin. Also worshiped among the duergar is Deep Duerra, a goddess of conquest and of the powers of the mind.


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