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(This message brought to you by Vault-Tec and affiliates.)

Welcome [insert job title]! To another exciting patch of Fallout Pen and Paper!! It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the launch group with v1.0!!! We are now finally here, at v1.8 and we are proud to bring it to you using Kanka! Browse over 1,000 articles brought to you by the latest in scientific technology!

-What is Kanka?

Kanka is a website that allows us to craft our own unique wikia! This is going to act as the official site for our unofficial Fallout game now and in the future! You can use this website to explore the world we craft and answer any questions you may have about it- just like you would like the FalloutWiki for any other Fallout game. There are a few key differences however...

What can I see in Kanka?

Vault-Tec partnerships with Kanka have made it possible to create custom browsing experiences for each of our valued [insert job title]! All [insert job title] will have access to a wealth of general knowledge, but as your [insert job title] explores, learns, and discovers, more articles will become available to them! (Namely in the form of Locations, Quests, Items! But wait!- there's more!)

How do I Navigate Kanka?

I'm glad you asked [insert job title]! Finding the article you want in Kanka is simple: On the left of your screen, you will see a list of folders in white text known as "modules". You can start there to narrow down your search, or if you know the name of the article you want- use the search bar at any time. Additionally, you can filter your search within a module by tag or type. (Example: Joe is looking for some heavy armor. Joe can go to Items, filter with the tag "Heavy Armour", and see a list of all items under that tag.)

Here is a list of each module and their uses:

Characters - Self explanatory, this is where PCs and NPCs get filed. (Players will have control over their character sheet.)

Locations - Represents known locations to the player.

Organisations - a.k.a. Factions or the groups we all love/love to hate.

Races - Humans, Ghouls, etc.

Quests - Like a Quest Log. (Players will have control over this module.)

Items - Weapons/Armour/AID/Junk/Vehicles/etc.

Events - Actual in game events taking place throughout the Wasteland!

Abilities - Perks and their descriptions.

Notes - Short articles on how to play the game. (FAQs)

Conversations - A place where in game dialogue can be recorded between characters. (This will be unique for each character.)

Dice Rolls - Ready to roll dice macros! (You can use this page if you forgot your dice or if you need to roll a lot.)

What if something isn't on Kanka?

Either step up or speak up [insert job title]! If you don't have the necessary permissions to add or edit an article, contact your local Vault-Tec Representative- and remember... We are all building this new world together! The fate of our very future will come down to the actions of important [insert job title] like you! Good luck! 

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