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  1. Notes

~How Combat Works~

Rules! Handout


Steps to Combat:

*Step 0: Surprise Round (The initiating person(s) get a full round of action point expenditure.)

*Step 1: Everyone rolls Sequence (SQ) (To do this, roll 1d20 and add your Sequence stat=PEx2. This determines turn order for the remainder of combat.)

*Step 2: Actions (Below are a list of actions players can spend Action Points (AP) to take.)

Move: -1 AP per hex, but may cost more depending on terrain. (-2 rough, -3 muddy, -4 crawling/wading)

Reload: -2 AP Unless otherwise noted. (Some Big Guns cost more AP to reload, but not most.)

Attack: -X AP Cost depends entirely on the weapon. (See weapon chart for stats.)

Lay Mine/Set Trap: -2 AP/mine or trap (Some traps take longer to deploy, and cannot be set during combat.)

Use Item: -2 AP The item must be in your hand already for you to use it. (See "Loot/Access Inventory" below.)

Loot/Access Inventory: -4 AP (Reaching into your [or someone else's] stuff.)

Crouch/Prone/Change Positions: -2 AP/change (-4 AP to stand again.)

    Crouch: +10% to-hit with (most) ranged weapons, Costs 2 AP/hex movement.

    Prone: +20% to-hit with (most) ranged weapons, Costs 4 AP/hex to crawl, Removes AC bonus.

Dodge: -X Remaining Action Points (AP) at the end of a player's turn can be converted into Armour Class (AC) at a rate of 1:1.

            Example: You have 3 AP left over. You spend it to "Dodge" and now have +3% AC.

*Step 3: Combat ends when there are no more hostiles.

~Ranged Combat & How to Hit Your Target~

Weapon Skill + Sequence (PEx2) +/- X (modifiers) = Target #.

Roll equal to or below target # to hit.

-Armour Class (AC): Any defender worth his caps wears armour! Armour Class (AC) % comes right off the top of your to-hit chance. If the defender is not wearing amour, use Agility as the character’s base Amour Class (AC) instead.

-Cover: A variable factor = Limb coverage (See Targeted Penalties Below. Half cover would provide a -50% to-hit modifier and protect certain limbs.)

-Darkness: A variable factor. Total darkness is considered -95% to-hit (as you are essentially) blind. A dark night is about -50%.

-Distance: Short Range = +10%, Medium Range = -10%, Long Range = -25%. See Weapons Chart for more info.

-Position: Crouch for +10% accuracy with Ranged Weapons. Go prone for +25% accuracy with Ranged Weapons.

-Targeted Shot Penalty: Refer to the chart below as it depends which area is being targeted. Penalties to-hit are refunded as a bonus to critical strike chance.


To-Hit Penalty

Bonus Critical %













1H= -50%, 2H= -25%, Big Gun= -10%

1H= +50%, 2H= +25%, Big Gun= +10%


-Minimum Strength Requirement: Every weapon has a MinST Requirement. For every point below a weapon’s MinST you are -10% to-hit.

-Other: Some weapons/ammo have further restrictions. For example, firing Buckshot from a shotgun reduces your effective range by half. 

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