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~Dealing Damage~

Rules! Handout



Damage is a double-edged sword. It giveth and it taketh, here are the rules for dealing/receiving damage as a Human (v1.9).

Both Player Characters (PCs) and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) have a certain amount of Hit Points (HP). A character who has lost 100% of their Hit Points is considered dead. Additionally, characters' limbs have Hit Points that if depleted will result in a crippling injury (see below). Armour can be used to reduce/negate damage and critical strikes taken.

Skills & Damage

When dealing damage, add 1/2 of your relevant skill total as a percentage bonus to your damage. This is true for Small Guns, Big Guns, Melee, Unarmed, Throwing, and Explosive weapons. 

(Example: Jimmy's rifle deals 30 damage, but Jimmy has a Small Guns skill of 50. [1/2 of 50 = 25%, 25% of 30 = 7.5, round up to 8.] Jimmy therefore adds +8 damage, for a total of 38 damage.)

Armour: AC vs. DT

Armour protects in two ways:

1) Armour Class (AC) makes you harder to hit by a % equal to your AC. This number is subtracted from all attacks made against you, so long as you are moving and your armour is not destroyed.

2) Damage Threshold (DT) reduces incoming damage by a percentage = to your DT. (Example: Jimmy is dealt 40 damage from a shotgun blast, but his armour provides him 20% DT vs. Normal damage. 20% of 40 is 8, and 40 - 8 = 32. Jimmy only takes 32 damage, and his armour takes 8 damage.)

Limbs & Crippling Effects

    Torso = 60% of Total Hit Points (HP) // -2 Agility (AG), -2 Endurance (EN)

    Arm = 20% of Total Hit Points (HP) // -1 Agility (AG) per arm crippled (Cannot hold items with broken arms.)

    Leg = 30% of Total Hit Points (HP) // x2 Movement Cost (May only crawl with 2 broken legs.)

    Head = 20% of Total Hit Points (HP) // -4 Perception (PE), Blinded (As Total Darkness)

Stages of Limb Loss

When a limb continues to sustain damage even after it is crippled, it gets worse...

1. Crippled (Apply effect)

2. Scarred/Mangled (This character now has a permanent scar/is mangled. Cool story bro.)

3. Limb Lost (Remove Limb completely)

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